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Semi-Daily eBay | Yves St. Laurent Vintage Heels February 5, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Semi-Daily eBay, Vintage.
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Oh, how I love these. And in my size too. But £55 is out of my budget for vintage shoes, even if they are designer. Everything about them makes my heart sing, from the deliciously deep platform and coal-black shade through to the thick ankle strap and sheer sexy wonderfulness… If someone could buy me these as a present I would be very very very very happy. Hint dropped enough, do you think?


Vintage Yves St. Laurent Platform Heels


1. Selina - February 6, 2010

Oh! Oh! OH! I need them on my feet, truly I do!

2. Lauren Cooke - February 6, 2010

I know, so do I! I am currently working on people to buy them for me for my birthday!

3. Fumiko - March 31, 2010

I just bought myself a nice pair of Paciottis with Swarovski crystals. From eBay, of course!

I do hope you get yourself those shoes. If not, you kind of strike me as a Fluevog wearer…

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