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Fickle and Flighty February 12, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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Today I had to take fish & chips back to the chip shop, something I have never had to do before. I mention this only because it was so wildly disappointing, although we did at least get our money back. The fish was slimy and bony, the batter was soggy, the chips were dry and brown, and the mushy peas were a horrible colour and solid. It was a disaster.

Anyways, I was thinking today about how fickle my opinions are. This characteristic runs from my fashion taste to my food taste, and probably crosses everything else in-between. I am well aware that I can deeply hate a song for months, but after hearing it enough times it finally creeps into my subconscious – and I find myself wiggling and bopping along to it. If it gets really bad I actually end up spontaneously breaking out into a song that only days before I could have been constantly whining about. How is that for consistency?!

Recently I have noticed that yellow has become one of my favourite colours. I think with the cold and rain and the snow my mind has become drawn more and more towards bright spring-like and vibrant colours. As such, my least favourite shade is now one of the first tones I look for!

In many ways this flightiness is great. I am not limited to liking just one thing – but my sense of fashion and style is constantly changing and adapting. It does mean that people can find me a little unpredictable though, and that probably isn’t such a good thing! I also know that as quite an opinionated person it can be inconvenient at the very least to have to do an about-turn – although I will never lie and carry on with my stance if I have changed my mind!

Do you find that your taste and passions are constantly changing and evolving? Are you loyal and do you stick to your guns, or is life about fickle changes and new opinions?



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