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German Men With Gold… February 16, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Hmm, I think that might classify as the weirdest title I have ever written on my blog! But I just had to share this little story with you!

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Yesterday my boss left the office to nip to Sainsburys at lunch. He was gone quite an extraordinary amount of time, and I was actually starting to wonder if he had disappeared on the way home, or whether he was lying in a ditch somewhere. Now I know the real story behind his absence it would have been possible for that to be the end result, if you are like I and a little paranoid!

On his way back to the office he noticed a merc pulled over in the lay by outside work. Being a kind soul he decided to pull over and make sure that the drivers hadn’t broken down. The drivers were German, and what ensued what a broken fractured conversation where Tony tried to find out what went wrong, all whilst only speaking a little German. It did emerge later that he was asking them to “Speak smaller” rather than “Speak slower” which probably explained some of the confusion!

It turned out, eventually, that they had very little petrol and their cards weren’t working, meaning that they couldn’t afford to get down to Dover to get home. It all smelt slightly of a scam, but as you can probably tell Tony is a nice guy, and would have felt really guilty if he didn’t help. As he puts it, he was paying for a clean conscience! They needed £50, but he gave them the £20 he had in his wallet and which he figured he could live without.

The men were desperate to give something in exchange for the cash, and were soon taking off all their jewellery (this story now has a whiff of the mob about it), all of which was gold and heavy and dramatic. They were thrusting it at him, and despite protesting heavily he at last had to give in and take two rings, which he agreed to hold as collateral until their boss rang in the coming few days to pay back the £20.

Despite initial hesitations when he arrived back at the office, it soon became apparent that the two gold signet rings were in fact real gold, 14k, and quite weighty with it.

Isn’t that just the strangest situation ever?!!



1. Emma - February 17, 2010

That’s so bizarre! Nice of your boss and all, but how strange for them to hand over a couple of rings.

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