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At the Last Minute… February 19, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics, Social Media, What I Wore, Wordy Business.
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Ahha! An opportunity for a pun! It mustn’t be missed – quick, grab it, don’t let it go. Yep, that’s right, squeeze the life out of it. Kill the pun by talking about it too much. Well done Lauren, well done.

In case you didn’t know and thus don’t get the pun, I spent thursday up in Manchester for a LastMinute.com meeting. I am now one of their new bloggers, starting to write this month, and I am very excited about it! The day was spent networking and attending sessions, and it actually turns out that despite the propensity for puns I am quite god at networking. As I was all alone and knew noone, I decided just to talk to whoever I came across, because otherwise I would be lonely! It worked, and I have hopefully made some really useful blogging and restaurant contacts. We also heard about their latest innovations, marketing, and brilliant social media strategy – they really have it sussed!

The evening was spent at the restaurant week launch party, where we watched 50s style singers and a cooking demonstration (not at the same time!). This meant we got to eat sublime Scallops, Venison and Lemon dessert. Followed, of course, by the actual dinner, a free bar and some more networking – plus very nice people! And a night of free 5* accommodation!

Anyway, I had to wear something smart yet quirky (because well, that is me after all!), and this is what I chose! I did wear a bra with the halterneck which backfired when it got warm in the evening – I had to do an emergency bathroom bra removal before I could take my jacket off! Most unladylike!

Jacket: Warehouse
Dress: eBay
Tights: Primark
Heels: New Look

The kitchen is much better for light isn’t it! I shall stick with this in future I think.

Whilst shopping in Manchester today, on Ben’s credit card as I am out of cash, I ended up buying two pairs of shoes. The first was a pair of Bronx in Barratts that were £20, and they are incredibly comfy – if a little summery!


The second pair wasn’t such a good bargain. In fact, considering how tight I am, they were pretty damn expensive. And ridiculous. But I tried them on as a joke, and then all the women in the aisle at TK Maxx (shoppers, I might add, not salespeople, I am not that much of a pushover!) convinced me to buy then as they look – kind of wicked. They are very Nubby Twiglet esque, and I love them! So,  please don’t mock me and my £70 boots, I promise they look amazing!




1. Roisin Muldoon - February 19, 2010

Oh, I like both of those a lot – the boots are very unusual! Good on Ben – I wish Nic had a credit card I could use to buy shoes with!!

2. Selina - February 20, 2010

Want. Boots. Now!

3. Louise - February 20, 2010

I love the boots… but I love the jacket even more!!!

4. Amber - February 21, 2010

Fabulous shoes (especially tthe boots), and I absolutely love the jacket!

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