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What I Wore | Kneehigh Socks & Jumper Dress February 22, 2010

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Usually when I wake up and get dressed I am not really conscious of how I will look. There is a little planning in my head, but if I am totally honest I am not usually actually awake until I get to work, and getting dressed whilst my brain is asleep means that all too often I am a little uninspired with the resulting outfits. There are exceptions, but all too often my sleepy brain leaves me fuzzy minded and a little boring in my clothing choices.

Today, however, I felt really inspired! I actually spent most of the day feeling cool – the varying shades of grey and my wonderful boots contributed to that feeling! Those boots, by the way, turned out to be Emilio Pucci – which means they were a bargain for £70!

What I Wore

What I Wore

Dress: NewLook (Sale)
Waistcoat: Oasis (charity shop)
Knee highs: Primark
Boots: Emilio Pucci

In other news, the blog for Basse Mode is nearly ready to go live. Myself, Emma and Fi have been working hard to get all th text ready, and today a designer I know agreed to do the header and Twitter background for us, in exchange for a few blogs. That seemed a fair deal to me! 

The blog will set out all the things that we are hoping to achieve with Basse Mode, as well as various ways for people to get in contact. It will be the main calling point for the magazine, and hopefully the place that you guys kindly refer to when you spread the word!


1. Louise - February 22, 2010

Loving the socks. I was thinking of getting some long socks for the spring since I’m optimistic that spring will come one day. Good work on the boots too, what a bargain.

2. a stylized hysteria - February 23, 2010

The boots and socks *make* the outfit. You look great!

3. ElementalGrace - February 23, 2010

It’s definitely a good look for you.

4. Winona - February 27, 2010

Those boots are INCREDIBLE.

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