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Why I Love Twitter February 26, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Social Media.
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Following on from the seriousness of yesterdays post, I thought I would write today about something totally different and a little more lighthearted. Before I do, however, I wanted to a say a real and sincere thank you to all the wonderful people who offered their support and good wishes. I treasure you all.

Now onto the real subject of this post!

People don’t get Twitter. Well, a lot of people don’t anyway. They see it as a peculiar site full of short status updates, a bit like Facebook but without any good bits. They question me on a daily basis as to why I bother with it, and as to why I love it. I thought that maybe for anyone Googling this it wold be a good idea to try and put down in words what it is about this wonderful world that keeps me so enthralled.

When I first heard about Twitter, I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t really understand it, and I couldn’t see why I would put any effort into it. But then, gradually, people I knew and who’s blogs I followed started top use it more and more – so I thought I ould give it a go. I signed up, followed a few people, and sat back to wait for the revelations to roll in.

Needless to say it didn’t happen. I watched a few dull tweets scroll into my feed, and I considered backing out of the idea altogether. It was at this point that it all began to slot into place. The people I followed were posting links to their articles. They were asking questions, to which I was starting to want to respond. I found myself entertained and informed by the tweets. Sure there were some tweets about lunch and other status-y bits and pieces – but this was the stuffing that kept the content sharing and information personal. It reminded me that these were real people out there.

Sharing news and content was an area that I don’t think anyone had really seen Twitter heading towards. But once it started to happen, and its growth became more exponential and exciting, news began to travel fast. Something would happen on one side of the world, and I would instantly know about it on the other side of the ocean. Communities traversed continents, like they do in blogging but so much more immediate. Twitter became invaluable, informative and incredibly useful.

On top of this, I noticed a political side to the wonderful lefties who I followed on this social networking site. The circle of people had grown very naturally through recommendations and blogging communities, and consequently their were a lot of similarly politically minded, passionate and caring people all occupying the same online space. What with the power of news sharing and the general left-wing leanings of the Twitter dynamic I exist in, we soon started to actually be able to make a difference in the real offline world. I wrote a post here about how change and protest had once again become the territory of people who had left their activist days or inclinations long behind, or whom had never discovered them before. For me this was a digital revolution. It was amazing and inspiring.

Nowadays Twitter is a bit of everything. It is a group of friends who I may never meet, who support me and joke with me and who choose to share their news and opinions with me. They are my political equals, a common ground that can create a motivate change – and raise awareness of the little person who wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

I love it – and I think people should give it a chance and stick with the idea.



1. Winona - February 27, 2010

This is a really beautifully written post, Lauren. I hope you guys can work things out. 🙂

2. Winona - February 27, 2010

Oops I meant to post that comment on yesterday’s post. But this one is beautiful too!!

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