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Studying and Coursework March 2, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Wordy Business.
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God, the title of this post actually nearly made me fall asleep. I do apologise – and warn you in advance that this post is about the riveting entertainment that is my Marketing Coursework (capitals completely necessary).

I finally handed in said coursework tonight, having started it back in November last year. That is three months, and it has been a long one! This particular project was longer than my dissertation in the end, about 10 thousand words – and I felt every one of them!

What this project and course has shown me a lot about my learning and studying habits that I had never known before. For example, with exams, I don’t really do any of the work beforehand. I am one of those annoying people who will shun the regular reading, and who will instead take a set of comprehensive notes from the textbook in th week before the exam. Then I sit down, and I memorize! Lots of people are fast to criticise, but I maintain that as long as I have the ability to apply what I have remembered in real life, then I am allowed to learn however I want! Plus, I got a distinction (A) in my exam, so it clearly works.

People are very fast to complain about me not trying as hard – it is quite annoying!

With projects, I am a little more distracted. Much like revising, I don’t tend to work steadily on this from the day I get the task. Instead, I will spend a few randomly spaced out days working, and the rest of the time getting on with my life. I try hard, but I always priorities life! It clearly works well, as I get them in on time at the very least!

How do you learn?



1. Kate - March 3, 2010

Yep I think I am very similar to you – I have always favoured exams over coursework because I have a good short-term memory but I am rubbish at writing an essay without getting distracted. I am terrible procrastinator. I cannot work without an imminent deadline. I wish I could be more prepared – it would certainly help my sanity in the run up to deadline day.

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