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On wearing hats indoors (& What I Wore) March 3, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics, Rants, What I Wore.
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I have trouble with etiquette. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being polite. I believe in holding doors open for other people (that is just called being nice!), giving up your seat to anyone who needs it (regardless of gender!), and sharing with other people. However, I have trouble with etiquette that exists purely for the sake of etiquette – which doesn’t serve a purpose or help other people.

For example, I always put my knife and fork together when I have finished eating. This is definitely etiquette, but it serves a clear function – it lets people know that you have finished, and that you wouldn’t like any more thank you very much. The actual symbolism used to communicate this differs around the world, but basically it all means the same thing. In a similar way, I always say my pleases and thank yous, perhaps to the point of overuse. I feel that this communicates the fact that I appreciate other people, and also (on a certain level) that I am a nice person who doesn’t take others for granted.

The things I don’t really see the point of are many-fold, however. After all, etiquette is an age-old art that has built up and changed over time, and the stigma connected with it means that lots of things have remained in practise long since their original cause has faded into the sands of time. These things, in my mind, are pointless, and judging people on whether or not they do it is just reinforcing the class divides that people have fought so hard to minimise.

One of these peculiar etiquette foibles that came up today was the wearing of hats indoors. Some people find this incredibly offensive, and consider people who wear their hats all day to be rude and impolite. Personally I take any wide rimmed hat off when I enter a room, mainly because they restrict my view so much that I can’t see anyone. But with Berets, for instance, and other such little hats, I leave them on so as to keep my outfit together, and avoid the perils of hat-hair. I like the way they look, inside or out.

Do you wear hats indoors? What do you think of people who do? Is it not just another expression of personality and creativity?

What I Wore

Now, onto what I wore today, which did include a hat! I tok it off inside, however, as otherwsie I wouldn’t have been able to see anything!

Hat: Topshop
Suit: Vintage shop in Warwick
Tights: New Look
Heels: Miu Miu (eBay, very cheap!)



1. Elizabeth - March 3, 2010

I just put a hat on as I do laundry, call the dentist… this hat I put on just happened to match my dress today.

2. Elizabeth - March 3, 2010

what I meant was- you just inspired me to put a hat on as I am at home today.

3. Elizabeth - March 3, 2010

You have a good face for a hat, a longer face. that hat looks good on you!

4. Louise - March 3, 2010

Hey loving that whole outfit.

If you are going by old fashioned etiquette my understanding was that it was ok for a lady to wear a hat indoors, but not for a man. When in church, however, everyone should remove their hat as a sign of respect, unless mourning when a black hat is appropriate… on a woman only. I have a book on etiquette somewhere but it’s modern so I don’t think it covers hats.

The greatest etiquette faux pas that gets up my nose is people not thanking you for gifts. I’m happy to be thanked by text or email (although a thank you card is nicer) but no thank you at all is just unforgiveable. That’s my rant over anyway.

5. Elemental Grace - March 4, 2010

Louise beat me to it with the men/ women and hats thing.

Love the ensemble though. Very awesome!

6. Alysa - March 4, 2010

I suppose it depends on the hat and why you’re wearing it. If it’s an outdoor ‘I’m cold’ hat, it might look a bit as though you weren’t planning on staying (or wanted to test out what the party was like before making a decision to commit!). But if it’s a hat that’s part of the outfit then I think it’s fine. The wearing hats in church thing is funny because in synagogues it’s disrespectful to *uncover* your head (and definitely if you’re a married woman). So when Rich and I go in to a church to look around he always wants me to take my hat off and I want to keep it on. And neither of us is remotely religious! I don’t mind if my students wear hats in lectures – in fact I quite like it that they’re showing their style (as long as they’re not just deciding whether it’s worth staying!). Whew, that was long – but great outfit AND hat xx

7. Chris - March 5, 2010

To wear a hat indoors is just naff. Sorry.

Lauren Cooke - March 5, 2010

Thanks for the insight Chris!

8. Diana - March 8, 2010

I love those bright pink tights!

9. Yehning - February 16, 2011

Not wearing hats in office or at dinner table is well known. Is there anyway to hide your gray hair without hats or wigs?
I used to have my gray hair dyed before. Due to health, I stop hair-dyeing. However, I feel uncomfortable with my gray hair in office or in other business occasion.
Looking forward to receiving any suggestion.

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