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Basse Mode – A Magazine For Real Women March 4, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Inspiration.
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What is Basse Mode?

Basse Mode is, or will be, a real life hard copy magazine. One that you can buy in bookshops, or newsagents, one with beautiful images and thick paper.

Basse Mode is a magazine about what real women wear, feel and believe.

Basse Mode is a magazine built for normal everyday women. We know that the feeling of flicking through a glossy magazine can’t be beaten. However, all the magazines feature the same thing – unwearable looks, unaffordable clothes, and an emphasis on being and looking the same as one another. We want to condense all the brilliance that the fashion blogging world has to offer into something that we can put on the coffee table. That we can show off on the coffee table. A beautiful documentation of what real women wear, what real people think, and things that actually affect our lives. Nothing like this has ever been done before, but we think it could be brilliant.

This is the basic premise of our new campaign, run by myself, Emma and Fi. We want to raise awareness about a gap in the magazine market that would be perfectly filled by a magazine about real women, real fashion, and free of airbrushing. This doesn’t seem too much to ask.

The aim? To have a copy of Basse Mode on the coffee table next to Vogue or Elle.

We need you guys to help, however. We need to spread the word. I would be eternally grateful if you could Tweet about this campaign, write a blog post linking to us, or encourage people you know and love to express their support. Ultimately this has to be driven by real women, or else it won’t work at all!

Visit the blog here!

See what we are saying on Twitter here!



1. jo - March 6, 2010

Hi what the rationle behine the name Basse Mode? Why a French title? Who are the “real” women you are targeting?

2. Lauren Cooke - March 7, 2010

Hi Jo. The rational behind Basse Mode is that we wanted the magazine to be about low fashion – and in French it sounds a lot nicer, and more like a magazine name than a label.

The “real” women are anyone with an interest in any aspect of fashion – no matter what size. Essentially the idea is to target normal every day girls from all walks of life, with affordable clothes and great style. So that there is something different to all the aspirational stuff on the market.

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