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My Shoe Collection | Only 70 Pairs! March 17, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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I just sat down and took a photograph of each and every pair of my shoes, with the exception of trainers and ballet pumps. In total, exceptions included, I only actually had 70 pairs of shoes, which is far far better than I thought! Read on to see all my pretty pretty heels and boots. From now on I will be taking part in Amber’s challenge, and attempting to wear ach and every pair (including any new pairs!) before the year is out. 

Shoes are probably my favourite items of clothing, along with dresses. I own far too many of both! 

What have I learnt from this? That I have a propensity for Topshop heels (I may not like their clothes, but I LOVE their shoes!), and Irregular Choice. And also that I don’t have as many as I thought, and so probably can add some more to the collection! 

So… here we go! 

Boots: Emilio Pucci, TK Maxx



White Heels: New Look


Pink Wedges: Topshop


Dark Wedges : Topshop


Wooden Platforms : Topshop


Black Ankle Tie Heels : New Look


Pink Kitten Heels: Topshop


Blue Ribbon Heels: Faith


Pink Poodle Heels: Irregular Choice


Black Vintage Patent Heels: Brand Unknown


Fuschia Mary Janes: Topshop


Comfy Flower Wedges: Moshulu


Sequined Dolly Heels with Bow: Kurt Geiger


Pale Yellow Heels: Bertie


Green Satin Heels: New Look


Polka Dot Vintage Style Topshop Heels


Metallic T-Bar Heels: Topshop


Patterned Heels With Perspex Heels and Swans: Irregular Choice


Converse Sneaker Heels: Schuh (eBay: 99p!)


Vintage Black Heels: YSL


Red Suede Heels: Belle & Mimi


Leather Biker-Chic Heels: Topshop


Black Patent Ankle Boots: Bertie


Navy Blue Wooden Heels: Topshop


Cream & Gold Boots: Irregular Choice


Clear Heeled Black Courts: Report Signature


Pleated Metallic Boots With Red Wood Heel: Irregular Choice


Strappy Striped Sandals: Irregular Choice


Blue Denim Converse Heels: Schuh

Red & Black Heels: Dorothy Perkins

Basic Beige Platforms: Bertie

Pearl Patent Booties: Bertie

Black & Gold Platforms: Topshop

Black Ankle Boots: Qube

Brown Heeled Brogues: Topshop

Blue Suede Booties: Faith

Leopard Print Bow Heels: Irregular Choice

Black & Gold Boots: Irregular Choice

Green Tartan Platforms: Irregular Choice

Grey Platform Heels: Topshop

Patterned Teal Wedges: Faith

Cutout Wooden Sandals: Bronx

Brown & Gold Chequered Heels: Irregular Choice

Delicate Lilac Heels: Irregular Choice

Black Floral Courts: Irregular Choice

Black Victorian Boots: Irregular Choice

Black Leather Boots: Topshop

Vintage Patent Boots: Miu Miu

Slouchy Brown & Gold Boots

Grey Kneehigh Boots: George

Suede Tan Cowboy Style Boots

Fur-Lined Winter Wedges

Green Jungle Boots: Irregular Choice

Brown Lace-Up Wedge Boots

Gold Patterned Suede Boots: Irregular Choice

Brown Buckled Boots: Topshop

Furlined Winter Boots: Caterpillar

Flat Black Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Suede Sandals: Topshop

Patent Bow Stilettos: Bertie



1. Esme - March 17, 2010

Phew! That was amazing! I love shoes too!

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3. Amber - March 17, 2010

Ooh, what a great post – all those lovely shoes! I’m really glad you’re taking part in the challenge, and kudos to you for taking so many photos, too! I also share your feelings on Topshop – their clothes these days try too hard to be high-fashion for my tastes, but I LOVE their shoes, although I think I only have one pair. Hmmm. I have the same relationship with Martin Margiela: hate the clothes, love the shoes. I think in my case it’s probably because I live in such a conservative town (fashion-wise, anyway) that it’s just much easier to get away with unusual shoes than unusual clothes. Anyway, looking forward to seeing how you get on!

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6. God's Favorite Shoes - March 18, 2010

Wow! What a great post! Do you find that you buy the same “type” of shoes very often? I do that all the time. They all have the same style until I make a conscious decision to not do that:)

Great post. I’m too lazy to take pics of all my shoes…but the truth is I have alot but I only rotate the same select few!

7. Fi Baker - March 18, 2010

Impressive! I’m jealous of all your ICs!

8. Emma - March 18, 2010

Oh god, you’ve got my dream shoe collection. So pretty!

9. Louise - March 18, 2010

You know I thought that I had an enviable shoe collection, but actually reading all of these blogs about people’s shoes makes mine look piddling… and quite embarrassing. I think though that directing my husband to these blogs could justify my future shoe purchases, what do you think? Lol… BTW I love the gold IC boots.

10. Roisin - March 18, 2010

I second what Louise wrote above. I have a fairly small collection of shoes, but am always window-shopping! In fact, I am now looking at buying these babies, which I have found on a website in my size for £30

I’m trying to be good this month and can’t really justify it…but then I can’t really justify not buying them, either. Dilemma!

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13. Heather Claus - June 30, 2010

Have to say, LOVE those pale blue ribbon heels.

After thinking for a few, I realized I have about 30 pairs. Not too shabby. However, I think I need to trade a few pairs out, I’m noticing a few gaps…

Like the one that those ribbon heels would plug nicely. *grins*

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16. EJ - April 5, 2011

I should do that too! I am also addicted to shoes and dresses! And probably have like 70 pairs of shoes and 70 dresses as well! Sigh!! But they are just so lovely aren’t they???

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