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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – A Review March 19, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Books.
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What A Book!

I promised a review, and who am I to not deliver on my promises?

I have been avoiding reading my book club book, and as such I decided to read one of the books I bought on an impulse at Waterstones the other week. It was one of those trips when I had found two books I really wanted to read in the glorious three for two, and I really wanted to read in the glorious three for two, and the third purchase was chosen purely on the basis of the cover and the title.

I didn’t even know it was crime fiction until I got around to reading the blurb, and I was a bit disappointed as normally that is a genre I simply don’t enjoy.Then I got started, and despite a slow first couple of chapters I suddenly found myself addicted. I read the entire novel in a day, and it was good enough to make me stay up until 4 in the morning – and now that I am not as young as I once was, that is quite a feat!

So, what is the book about? I am keen not to give any spoilers, but it is essentially a story of a journalist, employed to investigate a murder/kidnapping case that hasn’t ever been solved. Through a series of events he ends up in an isolated area of Sweden, with an immensely talented and deeply troubled young private investigator. The case, seemingly unsolvable, soon starts to take a violent turn, one which culminates by the end of the book in a thoroughly dramatic and exciting ending.

Despite the crime subject, I was immediately absorbed in this. The story is intriguing and disturbing, and is supported by a range of deeply understood characters. Someone online described it as “high-definition”, and this certainly rings true – the cast are painted with startling detail, the environment becomes so incredibly real – and more so with every page you turn.

I was totally invested by the end (as evidenced by my inability to put it down), and I am dying to read the next two in the trilogy – and I am quite intrigued to see how such a complicated tale will be turned into a book.



1. Caroline - March 19, 2010

Ok, fine, I’ll make this the next on my pile. I’ve been putting it off since December anyway – should really get on with it! 😀

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