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Make me a… 1960’s Mod Gal March 21, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Vintage.
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Long overdue, this is the fifth in my series helping modern girls to wear the fashions of their ancestors. This week I address the wonderful vintage fashion of the stunning 1960’s. Oh, and of Twiggy. This post will contain clothes (both vintage, vintage inspired and direct repro), makeup and more, to help you achieve that distinctly vintage fashion style!

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This week I tackle the swinging sixties, a time of hippy revolution, the invention of mini-skirts, and a whole new kind of fashion. Oh, and of Twiggy, a modelling icon!

Following the popular curves of the 1950’s, the 60’s couldn’t have been more different. Womanly shapes and thrusting bosoms were replaced with a fondness for a boyish figure and almost childlike shape. Of course, the 60’s were also a time full of choice, experimentation and changing societal values, meaning that whilst the boyish world of mod mini dresses and crinoline shifts was in full swing for many teenagers, the other half were experiencing the decade of love, and the hippy floral prints and psychedelic patterns that came with it. Whilst one didn’t exist independently of the other, the division and contrast is an interesting part of the era.

Although the sixties can be harder to pull off with a curvy shape, you will find that a little experimentation with the styles of prints, lengths of dresses and use of belts/jackets can make anyone of any size able to wear the Mod look.

For girls with boyish figures, you could opt for a dress like this one, with a pattern that emphasises rather than downplays your curves. You could even team a mod dress like this with skinny jeans or, god forbid, leggings, if you want to update the 60’s fashion with a more modern (and more concealing) vibe.

B&W Vintage Style Mod Dress - 60's Fashion

Curvy girls should choose a mod dress with a little kick out from the waste, and preferably with slightly bell sleeves, like this gorgeous 1960s chevron mini dress. Alternatively, if you are worried about the expanse of stretchy fabric, you could choose a buttoned up mini dress like the adorable and versatile one below.

Striped Chevron Mod Dress - 1960s Fashion

Button-Up 60's Dress

 To really channel the 60’s feeling, you need bright tights. Lots of leg is a must with those mini skirts climbing so high, and this explains the love for brightly coloured tights and stockings. Whilst you can still get original Mary Quant tights on eBay and similar (I have the most adorable yellow pair with little black bows all over), shops all over stock pretty tights too nowadays, in all shapes colors and sizes. If you worry about tights, thicker leggings can work well too.

Topshop 1960's Fashion Inspired Heart Tights

Team these tights with a beautiful pair of shoes. Bright Mary Jane heels are the dish of the day, although this is one occasion where I wouldn’t recommend buying the original. It is a matter of personal taste, but I find modern versions much nicer and more comfortable. Alternatively, you could wear one of the most famous fashion statements of the decade – Go Go boots. The gorgeous things are great fun, and are a fun investment. Either style of shoe will do fine, however – either heels like these beautiful yellow Mary Janes or sexy white leather boots!

1960s Fashion White Go Go Boots

Yellow Mary Janes

Once you have the clothing right, you can start to have fun with your hair, makeup and accessories. After all, this is the era of the beehive, and that means big hair is definitely in! A video for how to do a beehive is here, as I wouldn’t know where to begin! If you don’t want to go that far, however, then you can channel a modern version of the Twiggy look with a cropped bob, and big kohl rimmed eyes. It is a look that has never gone out of fashion, and one that you can have real fun with! Alternatively, add a bit of a hippy feeling with long straight or wavy hair, and maybe a cute heart gem near your eye.


Hippy Makeup

Enjoy the 60s look!



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[…] This article, written by Lauren Cooke March 21, 2010, on her blog “A Typical Atypical”, is inspired from the style of the 1960’s. […]

2. handbag girl - March 27, 2010

60’s styles never gets old. i love in special the white boots, it think it fits me right with a white Chanel bag.

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