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Losing the vibe March 25, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Blogs, Inspiration.
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Where on earth has my vibe gone this week. I have been remarkably absent from blogging, twitter, and all things social media – it is quite a crisis! I doubt anyone will survive if I am not arround to jabber and wax lyrical… except, oh, wait, you have all survived haven’t you? Well done, it must have been hard.

Anyway, sarcasm aside, this week has been very busy. I have been to London to talk about social media (an inspiring meeting for once, with intelligent people who have some really good ideas for how to use social media to sell cars), writing like a dervish (do dervishes write?), and coming home in the evenings to play with the new rat and the new laptop. It hasn’t been that I don’t particularly have time to write, but more that I haven’t had time to think and so haven’t had anything interesting to write on the blog.

Anyway, as I am not all that verbose or, to be brutally honest, interesting today, I thought I would share with you some of the bloggers I have discovered recently and fallen head-over-heels in love with!

  • Daddy Likey – I read her book before I read her blog, as a quick glance at the blurb made me know instantly that the book would be a perfect present for Cie! She often has me in stitches, has just started a vintage boutique as a form of cruel temptation, and has exactly the same kinds of mornings as me when she simply hates her clothes!
  • The Clothes Horse – I have come across this blog before, but always at periods in my life when my day feel full of hundreds and hundreds of blogs. The most recent time, however, I was looking for some new material – and she is now on my Google reader! Her new dress is particularly worth a look!
  • The Pioneer Woman – she doesn’t write about fashion, but this blog is an endless source of food inspiration and beautiful photography. She also shares how to achieve the photographs too, which is great! I currently desperately want to make the coffee toffee bars – I just need to find time! 

Anyway, go – read – enjoy!



1. Louise - March 25, 2010

Hey, don’t lose your vibe… I love reading your jabberings lol. Are we going to get a picture of the rat? I love rodent creatures!

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