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Storytelling April 7, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Wordy Business.
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In case you have somehow managed to not notice, I write a blog. I know, such a shocker. Oh,wait – the very fact that you reading this post gives me a little hint that you may already know this. Sometimes I write every day, sometimes I can go for almost a week without putting digital pen to digital paper. Oh, and sometimes I waffle – but that is par for the course.

However, the area that has been most influenced by my online writing habits has been in how I tell stories. You see, whilst before my reports of events and happenings would have been simple re-tellings of the chronological order of events, blog writing has changed that. I don’t lie, of course, but certain events can be embellished and exaggerated. I can see the funny points and make them funnier, whereas before stories would have fallen flat on their completely unfunny arse. In short, I have discovered that creative license need not be a dirty word, but more a tool with which to enlighten what I say and make things more interesting.

Of course, the debate arises when we questions what makes the difference between lying and exaggerating. Is storytelling automatically a medium that accepts embellishment, or is raw honest truth (boring as it may be) actually more morally acceptable?

What do you think? Should a good story be the order of the day?



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2. Abbey - April 8, 2010

Personally, I think there’s a way for one to fluff up a story without taking it too far. But it’ll depend on your readers. You can be the most real and rawest writer and still be mistaken as exaggerating. 🙂

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