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My wonderful life (and my wonderful friends) April 23, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Family, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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I had THE most wonderful night on Wednesday. It was our Sew Make Believe Book Club meeting, and we all met in the pub to partake in intelligent and fascinating chat with intelligent and fascinating SMB women. And, an added bonus, we all actually liked the book, The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters.

It got me thinking about how lucky I am to have the life that I have ended up having. I am surrounded my amazing people – clever, articulate, funny and above all else loving., Some of these I met through existing friends, some through Twitter and some through family, but all of them mean so much to me. For the first time since moving to Leamington I feel like I have a network, who will be there for me if I need it. What is odd is that some of these girls I have only known for such a short period of time, but it feels like they have been my pals for years.

I love them, and because of them, I love my life. Even when it gets tough and horrible they still keep me up and buoyant.

So, as a celebration, I thought I would share Cie’s wonderful idea with you, and write a little slip to some of my girls to tell them just why I love them so.

Dear Cie

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

I love your beautiful curves, and how you have this womanly shape with such a tiny tiny waist. I love your hair, it glows and shines and, quite frankly, I wish I had hair just like it. I love (and envy) your fabulous cheekbones, so strong and defined and beautiful!


Dear Roisin

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

I love love love that you can wear heels all the time and never even show a moments preference for flats. I adore your short stature, it makes you so delicate and feminine and generally beautiful. I love your smile, it is both cheeky and cute in equal measure, and can be just as loving as it is foul-mouthed!


Dear Laura

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

I love your incredibly long legs, they seem to continue right up into the clouds, and they perfectly match your gorgeous height. I love your rosy cheeks, they glow in a way that mine never could! I love your hair, the most perfect shade of brown, it always seems to be deeper in colour and texture than normal hair is!


Dear Nommi

Here are three things I love about the way you look:

I love your huge and beautiful eyes, they are such a stunning shade of chocolate-brown and yet at the same time they are really light and bright. I adore your curves, so incredibly feminine and the most wonderful hourglass shape. I love you boobs, they are just wonderful through and through in a totally non-pervy way!




1. Roisin - April 23, 2010

Oh, yay! Wednesday night was fantastic, I loved it. I’m so glad also to have met such wonderful women and I feel like you do – like I’ve found a real network of people who’ll look after me.

Dear Lauren,

I love your beautiful doe eyes – they sparkle with mischief and curiosity.

I love your elegance and height – your legs really do go on forever!

I love your expressive wee face – so funny and pretty and cute.

Love from,



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