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Powerful Women May 11, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Inspiration, Photos.

When I am having a hard time in life, I like to think about some of the women who inspire me, and who make me sit up and take notice. For whatever the reason, these are women who are powerful and beautiful, and whose fashion and attitude inspires me to believe in myself and in my abilities, however much I may feel at the time that I have none at all. Although it perhaps shouldn’t make any odds, the way these women dress, look and hold themselves in an important part of their persona, and of their power. Sometimes a little bit of a mask protecting you from the world outside can be the protection you need to really make a difference or an impact.

Ivanka Trump Powerful Woman

Ivanka Trump

(Image from here)

Powerful, elegant and composed, Ivanka Trump strikes me as such an impressive woman. She always looks immaculte, whilst running a massive business empire. I have the utmost respect for her.

doe deere lime crime makeup powerful woman

Doe Deere

(image from here)

Next, the amazing Doe Deere. This girl is not only immensely beautiful, but she has a real personality too. She is, without a doubt, one of the most determined women I know of, with a completely belief in herself and her style. She is amazing, and totally inspiring.

cameron diaz powerful woman

Cameron Diaz

(image from here)

Cameron Diaz may not be the obvious choice for a list like this, However, I find this gorgeous girl with her free and easy smile a real inspiration. She is bright, and brilliant, and even better she is goofy and hilarious. That, to me, is a whole different form of power.

Suu Kyi powerful woman burma

Suu Kyi

(image from here)

Suu Kyi is amazing. Inspiring, empowering, and a symbol of hope and belief for the entire country of Burma. She may be under house arrest, but even this hasn’t stopped her from being powerful, influential, and above all else, a darn good person. Utterly inspiring.



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