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Getting On top of my fashion May 12, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.

Right, that is it. Now that I am running I Should Wear…? I am actually going to take some of my own advice. Which means that tomorrow I will be following today’s inspiration, and wearing socks with heels. I am quite excited about the prospect, having dallied with the idea before!

wear socks with heels

The main thing for me is that socks are either bright, cute, or knee-high. In these situations they are clearly being used as a fashion statement, rather than because you forgot to take of you socks when you left the house! In addition, socks should always alway always be worn with heels, preferably cute ones that fit with the Glee-style fashion. Think little old grannies and vintage suits, and that is the sort of shoe style that should be worn with your pretty little socks.

Oh – does anyone know of anywhere that stocks ruffled ankle socks for adults?


1. Louise - May 12, 2010

I ordered mine from Asos. And very cute they are too. I couldn’t find any anywhere else

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