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The curling smoke May 19, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Media, TV & Film.
madmen christina hendricks joan holloway 50s fashion 50s dresses mad men

The Cast of MadMen

Well, well, well. I have just started watching MadMen. After a night tucked in front of the TV avoiding the work I was meant to be doing, I have managed to work myself a good few episodes into this incredibly successful programme, and am starting to see what makes everyone wax lyrical about it so much. Despite the fact that really very little has happened I have been sucked in without a backwards glance, and all the tiniest subtleties have started meaning a whole lot more. It is a sumptuous feats for the eyes and the ears, and I proudly announce myself a convert.

Whilst watching the DVDs there were a few thoughts I couldn’t get out of my head. firstly, how much does everyone smoke?! I knew that smoking used to be popular, but I had never accepted the extent to which everyone did it – it seems as natural as breathing or talking to all of the characters on the show. There is scarcely a scene that goes past without a couple of cigarettes being lit, sensually drawn on, and then expelled in curves of wafting, strangely attractive smoke.It really brings home the difference between “then” and “now”, especially when they talk about doctors advocating cigarettes as safe. It is incredible really.

The next thought was, predictably, about the clothes. Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway is hypnotic, with her curving hips and gleaming smile. She is utterly sexy, and has become a full blown girl crush of mine. All the dresses are beautiful on all the characters, and it turns out a man in a fedora can make me swoon! When I saw this amazing Joan Holloway inspired dress on Pin Up Girl I nearly bought it, before remembering how dire my finances will be this month!

christina hendricks joan holloway inspired retro pin up green satin wiggle dress

Amazing Christina Hendricks Style Dress

My particular favourites from the first few shows were the 50s style swing dresses, if only because I don’t really have the hips to carry a wiggle dress off. I am so jealous of them!



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