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New Discovery: Alice & Olivia June 4, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Inspiration, So What's New?.
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Apologies, firstly, to anyone who has already heard of this brand. However, I discovered them today and thought that some of their clothes were so pretty I simple had to share. In spite of the fact that they aren’t exactly cheap! What I have noticed, however, is that this brand seems to sell quite regularly for much more reasonable prices on eBay, even eBay UK, and I can only assume this is because they aren’t all that well-known – and aren’t consequently all that well searched for.

What I noticed with the designs of this American brand is an emphasis on structure. I am a little obsessed with structure and shape at the moment, despite not only much structured stuff at all, and this meant that I found it very pleasing to my fashion eye. There are also some slightly ridiculous high fashion pieces that would look surprisingly good on some people I know! Here is a sample for your delectation (click on the images to go to the site):

draped wrap around jacket alice and olivia

Draped Fabric Wrap-Around Top

Shelly Strapless Jungle Green Dress Alice & Olivia

Shelly Strapless Jungle Green Dress

Square Mirror Headband Alice & Olivia

Square Mirrored Headband

Jasmine Rainbow Bustier Dress Alice & Olivia

Jasmine Rainbow Bustier Dress

Lexi rainbow strapless dress Alice & Olivia

Lexi Rainbow Strapless Dress

Dree Drapey asymmetrical vest, alice & Olivia

Dree Drapey Asymmetrical Vest


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