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On houses and things June 7, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Photos.
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christina hendricks joan holloway

The Beautiful Christina Hendricks

Wow, my stats have plummeted – noone seems to be searching for Christina Hendricks any more. What did the poor gal do? Or maybe there is another sexy flame haired siren in town, and I should feature a few of them. Perhaps I will, just because girls with the most beautiful hair make me happy and cheery and more than a little bit envious, and so I ought to feature them anyway to brighten up the old homestead a little.

karen gillam amy pond doctor who

Karen Gillam - The Lovely Amy Pond

(image from the BBC website)

the beautiful amy adams

Gorgeous and happy Amy Adams

Anyway, onto the real purpose of this blog, which believe it or not isn’t just aiming to extol the virtues of gorgeous redheads, and the fact that I wish I was one. I wanted to fill you in on my life, the things that have happened over the weekend and the slightly terrifying state of affairs that I am now in.

I had a wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday chatting in a brilliantly teenage girlie way down at the park, in the baking sun. That night I was taken to dinner, by the lovely Laura, and we went to the pub afterwards to meet Cie and have a few causal drinks. We walked home obscenely late at night, but were still up early enough to go to the car boot sale the next day. There I found four books and some very cheap Royal Doulton, which never hurts! Finally we drove over to Stratford for a picnic and a wander, before coming back to Leamington to watch the most absurdly brilliant episode of Doctor Who I think I have ever seen. I am also developing an odd crush on the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith, as well as on his wonderful sidekick, Amy Pond.

Then we went to see a house. This is a house I have been excited about for as long as I have know about it, and my instincts prove right. It was beautiful. Great house, great original features, huge master bedroom and a cute little garden to die for. The drawback? That I am not the only person who wants it, and I am amongst a group who have made applications. I hope (hope!) that I have made a good impression by texting him about liking the house, by being available to move in asap, and by the fact that I sent over my work reference first thing today so that his job is almost completely done. I really really hope I get it, but doubt I will know until tonight at the earliest. It is very scary indeed!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

[UPDATE: I didn’t get the house. Apparently someone was willing to sign up to a 2 year contract. Which is just ridiculous, and impractical, and I had said I would sign up for a year and hopefully stay longer. So, all in all, I am a bit upset and stressed, and my phone battery has died, and I will now be homeless this weekend, most likely. Eek]



1. dressingmyself - June 7, 2010

Sounds exciting – but sometimes things work out in a surprising way.

I like your choice of redheads. There is something about red that the search engines seem to like (in my experience). Odd.

2. Alysa - June 7, 2010

Everything is crossed for you! Update us on how you get on!

Amy Pond: stupid name; gorgeous girl. But why was Van Gogh Scottish? Glad you had such a good weekend, and see you soon! xx

3. Louise - June 7, 2010

I’m glad you’ve found a place and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get it.

4. Tom - June 7, 2010

Can’t believe more people aren’t searching for Christina Hendricks! Can I recommend adding Lauren Ambrose (aka the lovely Claire from Six Feet Under). Your stats will go up by at least one, every day, probably more. So sorry about the house-it’s such a bugger, I’ve been there. Paul and I are always here to offer bits of sofa and floor, and you have first dibs on beds when we’re away.

Right, this doesn’t do much for my reputation as a ginger lover! Too much fuel for Martha mockery.

Take care, Tom xx

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