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My Capsule Wardrobe Challenge June 11, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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This weekend I am moving into a friend’s house for a little while, whilst I look for a place of my own. Helen, the lovely lady who has given up her spare room to me has even given me us of a clothing rail, so me and my dresses and shoes can have somewhere to live.

overflowing wardrobe in need of being rejigged to a capsule wardrobe

The thing is, however, that I simply have too many clothes to practically transfer them all over to the room. So, many of them will have to be bagged up in bin bags and carted over to my 7ft by 7ft crate that will hopefully be big enough to store all of my belongings whilst I am in limbo. As such, I need to get my 80 odd dress and 80 odd pairs of shoes (not to mention skirts, trousers, tops…) condensed down enough to fit in one suitcase. One single suitcase. Welcome, oh hoarder of clothes, to the world of the capsule wardrobe.

So, what is my ideal (and possibly slightly over-planned) wardrobe going to consist of? Having thought about it a lot I think I am going to aim for a collection of clothes that fits with the below mission statement:

Multi-use and versatile items of clothing that can be changed to coordinate with a number of colours and a number of occasion, and which can be remixed to coordinate with the majority of items in the wardrobe.


Beyond this, however, how do I work out exactly what items I will go with? Well, I need dresses, tops and skirts that can be layered and interchanged to create more outfits than you would have automatically thought. I will probably choose a number of base items in dark or versatile colours (such as black or navy) which I can then jazz up with accessories. Picking the shoes will also be tough, as I will have to choose those that are still attractive, but which will go with the whole range of colours. Accessories are easy – I will take all my belts and tights, so that I can use them to mix it up.

My theoretical capsule wardrobe (and we will see how this changes in the spur of the moment!) will be:

  • 1 pair Jeans
  • 1 pair trainers
  • 3 plain tops in differing shapes/styles
  • 5 x Dresses – vintage and classic styles, with a sun dress thrown in for good measure.
  • 4 x Cardigans/jumpers
  • 2 x Jackets/Blazers
  • 1 x Maxi dress
  • 2 x Skirts
  • 2 pairs of flat dolly shoes
  • 4 pairs of heels – 1 black, 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 brown
  • 2 pairs of boots – flat black, heeled brown.
  • Belts, and tights – all of them!

What do you think? Have I missed anything out? How do you artfully construct your capsule wardrobe?



1. JulieB - June 11, 2010

I have no idea how to artfully construct my capsule wardrobe, but it’s something I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to recently (yes, I’m one of these sad people that Gok Wan goes on about – wardrobe full of clothes, with nothing to wear). Personally, I’m not one for getting my legs out, so I would probably have more trousers in mine, but like your selection.
Good luck!

2. Carys - June 11, 2010

2 maxi dresses. One you can dress up, one down. They layer with cardis and tights, and can be warm or cool – which, with this weather, you need! They tend to fold up pretty small aswell!

3. Roisin - June 11, 2010

I’m with Carys on the maxis. She’s very wise! Also, one pair of red shoes because they really do go with most things. I would say to also pack one of your most fabulous dresses, the one that makes you feel like you’re a real glamourpuss – that way if you get tired of the capsule wardrobe you have something to play dress-up in!

And, you know, while you’re doing this you’re always welcome to come and play dress-up with the contents of my wardrobe too. In fact, I have a wee dress-shaped present for you for the next time I see you….

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