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Why how strange… June 15, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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What an odd experience on the way to work today!

I had set off from my current residence, where I am living with the lovely Helen until I find myself somewhere official. Not knowing how long it would take me to find my way amongst the buildings and estates I had given myself rather too much time to get there, meaning I ended up far too early for my lift. As I wandered down to the street corner where I was planning to lurk for 20 minutes (I know, I know, it sounds bad. Don’t worry though, I haven’t set up a sideline in prostitution!), I was stopped by a man who had climbed out of his car and who was running after me.

Assuming he wanted directions, I wandered over to him, where ensued the following conversation:

Him: Sorry! I am about to do something really odd… first off, do you want a strawberry?

Me: (a little perplexed…) Um.. no, but thank you

Him: The second thing is that I just wanted to see if anyone had told you today that you are looking absolutely gorgeous?

Me: Um… (casts mind back over 10 minute walk in case I have forgotten something) nope, they haven’t

Him: Well,I just thought I should let you know how beautiful you are, in case noone else does

After a slightly awkward exchange of thank yous I made my escape, and made my way down to the street where I was meant to be meeting my boss for my lift to work. All the while I was trying desperately to work out if I was a) flattered or b) totally and utterly creeped out! After all, a man in his 40s professing his opinions on the way you look isn’t exactly a common occurrence!

Still, I suppose it is a confidence boost, and I don’t often feel too good about the way I look!



1. Helen - June 15, 2010

No fair! I have lived there for 2 years and that has NEVER happened to me! How odd but also fabulous at the same time! x

2. Alysa - June 15, 2010

Me neither. Does that mean we’re now living in a more desirable neighbourhood just by Lauren being there?! I’d be very flattered 🙂

3. Louise - June 15, 2010

I’d take it as a compliment & feel good about it all day. That’s really nice you lovely lady 🙂

4. Caroline - June 15, 2010

Are you sure it wasn’t Dapper Chap?! He’s in his 40s and likes telling random girls/women when they look nice – not to be creepy, just because he thinks they should know! 😀

5. Fi - June 15, 2010

There was this bloke in Tesco who told me he liked my boots. The first time, I was flattered. The second time, creeped out. The strawberry but is random though.

6. Roisin - June 15, 2010

I’d definitely take that as a compliment. I think if he was being creepy he would have pressed it a bit more but it sounds like he just wanted to tell you. And he was right! x

7. Carys - June 15, 2010

I think that’s lovely! An older man stopped me and my Mum in Marks and Spencer’s once just to tell us that one of us smelt absolutely gorgeous – he’d walked past us and come to tell us. I think it’s sad that we always err on the side of being creeped out by people being nice, purely because it happens so incredibly rarely.

Oh, it was me smelt nice that day. Good old Chanel *beam*

8. Tina - June 16, 2010

A lovely occurrence – flattering but also a tiny bit creepy (was he gay?). I was wondering what outfit you had on at the time??

9. On compliments « Second Hand Shopper - June 17, 2010

[…] Lauren wrote a post this week about a guy who chased her down the street to tell her how lovely she looked, and I mentioned last week the lovely lady who followed me into the station for the same reason. I’ve also blogged in the past about how much more a compliment from a stranger can sometimes mean to a person that one from, say, their mother (whose job is, afterall, to think their daughter beautiful!). So, knowing all of this, why do I still find complimenting strangers something of a challenge? […]

10. Miss T - June 28, 2010

That’s good! A guy chasing you down to say you look sexy and trying to get your number is creepy, a guy chasing you down just to say you look beautiful is sweet. 🙂 I would take it as a great compliment!

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