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A Birdy Serenade June 18, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.

grey cockatoo

(Image from here)

I am starting to love my walk to work. I see beautiful flowers, get to chat to people, and generally feel refreshed and invigorated by half past 8. Which, if you know what I am like in the mornings, is pretty impressive. Today I was following the most incredible dapper elderly man, who was wearing a pale grey suit and a spiffing white Trilby. I wish more people dressed like that in the world! I desperately wanted a photo, but was worried about the threat of a restraining order for stalking dapper old men…

As well as seeing some sublime examples of fashion, I was also being serenaded today. Everywhere I went the birds were singing their little hearts out – I heard the fluttery tones of a blackbird, the squabbling of a bush full of sparrows, the squawking of magpies – and then I was wolf-whistled at. By a bird. I was very confused for a while, as that uncannily human noise was quite so out of place amongst the rest of the dawn chorus – until I saw the cockatoo in its aviary in the garden. Yup, today I was whistled appreciatively at by a grey cockatoo. My life is now complete.



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