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I am sorry but… June 28, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Inspiration.
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I do have a more serious post to write at some point. However, I just couldn’t resist…

I saw this bra when browsing the House of Fraser sale today. It made me laugh. I know that actually when you think about it sex is quite a funny act, but I do not see how you could ever try to be sexy with very large hearts stuck to your nipples. It is impossible. Great for comedy, not so great in the bedroom, would be my conclusion. I simply had to share.

Or, maybe I am wrong. Maybe these are the sexiest thing since sliced bread (what, you mean you don’t find white bread sexy?!). Would you wear them?!



1. Emma - June 28, 2010

I…I kinda like it. It’s got a bit of a burlesque feel to it.

*Calls taxi for one*

Lauren Cooke - June 28, 2010

But… would you be able to wear it seriously? Because although I think it is fun and burlesque, one glance down at myself and I would find it hilarious! But… I find nipple tassels very funny anyway!

2. Emma - June 28, 2010

I never take myself particularly seriously when I’m in my undergarments anyway, and they’d certainly take the attention away from any other wobbly bits 😛

Lauren Cooke - June 28, 2010

hehe, very true! And it is never good to take oneself too seriously! Maybe I should revise my opinion!

3. Jazz - June 28, 2010

Do they detatch? And could bread hearts be placed there instead? 😉

4. Esz - June 29, 2010

Heeheee I think its funny in a cheeky way – you definitely can’t take that bra seriously as something uber-sexy but I think that’s whats fun about it. Heh, I’d buy it!

5. Leia - July 1, 2010

Oh it’s so pretty!

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