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Anything too easy just isn’t worth it. July 4, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.

I haven’t written a post for a week. I didn’t have much to say, and I have felt linguistically lazy and lethargic. However, the sun has gone to my head, and I feel like gibbering away again.

Life is very enjoyable at the moment. Things are settling down, after a few months of utter turmoil, and some very unexpected but utterly pleasurable things have happened. I also have a house now, which I will be moving into soon enough, and which I will be redecorating once I am all securely moved in.

I have been thinking about the way the world works. I have always had an over-arching opinion that as long as you tried hard, things would all work out in the end. It is a faintly karmic way of looking at the world, and generally it holds fairly true. Life can get tough, and it probably will, but as long as you have the best of intentions and try your hardest it will always work out ok. The past few months have been tough, and the run of bad luck brought me to a point where I was starting to wonder if maybe my rosy view of the world was wrong. It bought me to just that point where I appreciated it the most when things turned out ok.

Events have also made me think about how you appreciate your world. Something can be incredibly easy and incredibly good, but if there isn’t an element of a challenge or difficulty about it, then the risk is that you take it for granted. Good things are brilliant, but they seem even more so if you arrive at them after overcoming obstacles and being brave. I don’t want to take anything for granted, so I treasure everything that makes me appreciate it more. I think, sometimes, that is just the way the world works.


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