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Albums that changed my life July 5, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Inspiration, Music.
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I’m feeling a little like writing lists at the moment – it is about the best state of mental acuity that I can reach when I am this inexplicably knackered! So, with no further ado, here are the albums that for various reasons have changed my life!

1. Robbie Williams – Sing while you’re winning

My first ever album, and the reason that nowadays I still have a deep-rooted affection for this man. It was the first music I chose for myself, and I still love the surprisingly competent poetry in some of the lyrics. Plus, it makes me want to dance and sing, and that can’t be bad!

2. Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

What an album! This wasn’t a life-changing experience psychologically, but musically this was the album that established all of my music tastes. It makes me feel faintly dizzy and weak at the knees, it must be true love! Champagne Supernova is still probably my favourite song of all time!

3. Bell X1 – Music in Mouth

I actually attribute a certain amount of responsibility to this album for saving my life. I honestly think that without this music my life could have turned out a lot worse, and when I was at the lowest it pulled me back up. Melodramatic, much?! Still, as far as life changing goes, I think life saving is pretty bloody good going!

4. Pendulum – Hold Your Colour

Do I actually need to say anything about this one?! Musically life changing, awesome to listen to, and associated with so many memories! Toast when so ill I could barely stand… Aberdeen in an underground club… them playing really BADLY at my Grad Ball.

5. Panic! At the disco – A fever you can’t sweat out

The relationship may not have lasted, but this album will always be the thing that made me meet a man I would otherwise have never had the honour to know. It is so much more than just music, and always will be. Not sure about listening to it too often now though, which is a shame as I do really like the songs too!

6. The Killers – Hot Fuss

Oh my, what an album. Singing this wildly in the Sugarhouse at uni, crying to Mr Brightside because it reminds me so instantly and so strongly of Katie and Rachel and how painfully we missed them once they went back to the US after their year over here. This is, without a doubt, my university album.

7. Spice Girls – Spice

I challenge any girls in primary school in the late 90’s to have not been influenced by this album. Even if they hated it, it will be deeply embedded in their subconscious, no-one had any choice. This taught me that as a girl I can do whatever the hell I want to. Essentially, it gave me the attitude I have today!

8. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication/By the Way

Musically, two of the best albums ever made. Ever. Beautiful, exquisite, amazing beats and insane lyrics. These will forever be what my dad and I used to listen to in the car. Awesome. Just awesome!

There are probably more that I have forgotten, and other ones that only just didn’t make the list so that I didn’t have to go on for ever and ever, and bore you all witless. You know – U2 (All that you can’t leave behind), RATM (The battle of Los Angeles), The Feeling (12 stops and home), Muse (Absolution), Regina Spektor (Soviet Kitsch), The Streets (A grand don’t come for free), Gorillaz (Demon Days)… and so much more that just isn’t coming to mind right now!


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