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Why Stockings are Sexy July 22, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Vintage.
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I think stockings are brilliant brilliant inventions. Not only are they practical, but they are incredibly incredibly sexy. Any man who gets a woman in stockings tends to think himself very lucky indeed, and I have been trying to work out exactly why this is?

(Image borrowed from here)

You see, a lot of the blogs I read are all about vintage fashion. The pin-up models and burlesque artists who inhabit these online spheres are svelte beauties, with porcelain skin and the type of long limbs that I could only dream of. And I have long legs! These are the girls who have taken stockings and suspenders from the realm of the tacky, into the downright sensual. But what is it about these part-function part-fashion accessories that make so many people weak at the knees?

  1. The suspense
  2. Excuse the decidedly dodgy pun, but I think the suspense that accompanies stockings is one of the reason for their endless popularity. The fact that you can see the fabric clinging to the turn of an ankle, the swell of a calf, but that you can’t see any more than that. And then, from a teasing point of view, there is the sliding of a slip up the thigh, revealing the lacy top and the line of the suspender, way before you reach anything more indecent.

  3. The look
  4. Yup, I reckon aesthetics have a lot to do with it. The suspender belt accentuates the hips in just the right way, emphasising the curves from buttocks to boobs more than a simple pair of lacy french knickers. The stockings themselves smooth the surface of your legs into something eminently touchable, and the suspenders elongate them, making them look like they go on and on. I also reckon there is something about the cheeky suspender over your bottom that makes this a very popular accessory.

Do you reckon there is all there is to it? Is the greatest sexiest item of clothing in the world really sexy for such incredibly simple reasons?!


1. Eboni Ife - July 24, 2010

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great post!

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