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And so I kissed a member of The Offspring… August 13, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dreams.

Firstly, a disclaimer… this was a dream! Before anyone has a minor heart attack!

I had an amazing nights sleep last night. I was all curled up in my super soft duvet, and I spent the entire night having a strangely enjoyable dream. I woke up multiple times and each time chose to dive back in, it was that enjoyable! So, here is a little synopsis:

It started off with me driving down the Leamington high street. Out of the window of the car I saw the beautiful Doe Deere, who I would like to add I have never actually met or spoken to. I jumped out to say hi and introduce myself, but she seemed really rude (please note this was just in my dream, she seems absolutely wonderful in real life!), like a celebrity being harassed by the paparazzi. Then it dawned on me that she was distracted, and waiting for someone to come out of the shop behind her. A few guys wandered out, dressed in black with cool clothes and equally cool looks, and feeling rude I excused myself and ran off to my nearby house.

What The Offspring actually look like!

What The Offspring actually look like!

However, one of the guys followed me, and although I didn’t know him he apologised profusely, and begged me to come with them all to a massive concert that was going on in town (Who knew Leamington was such a hotbed of musical activity?!). Reluctantly I agreed, and it was only when I started wandering down with them, chatting away, that I realised I was walking along with the members of The Offspring, and a few other random and seemingly talented musicians!

We arrived at the venue, a huge dark industrial space where many many people were playing instruments and essentially rocking out. We all got involved, dancing, singing, and sitting around large tables on a  mismatched collection of vintage chairs (funny the things the brain remembers, eh?!). After a while I distinctly remember ending up kissing one of the members of the The Offspring, even though I have to admit to not actually knowing what any of them look like. He was beautiful though, and being that I am currently missing having to someone to kiss it was very enjoyable indeed!

What a great and surreal dream!



1. Abigail Godfrey - August 13, 2010

lol. that’s a great dream! It’s Abby from the pub the other night. love the blog. Might start one once I’m out of Scotland. lol.

Lauren Cooke - August 13, 2010

Hey! Thanks for popping by! We have to stay in contact, btw, we had such a good convo in the pub! Let me know if you do start a blog, the inherently nosy part of me will definitely check it out…

2. Nicola Pountain - August 13, 2010

Heart attack? I very nearly disowned you lol. Kissing a member of the Offspirng has been a dream of mine since I was 13.

Lauren Cooke - August 13, 2010

heh! Just dream it, makes it far more likely to happen!

3. Selina - August 25, 2010

That is a seriously awesome dream. However I have quite a crush on the lead singer of Offspring, so it better not have been him you kissed – I’d hate to have to have a dream fight with you. Because I’d totally win, obviously!

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