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Going for a run: Time to get fit August 16, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Foodiness, Life, Chatter & Politics.

I went for a run yesterday. I pulled on my Reebok kit, and I headed out of the door in a blaze of enthusiasm and energy. The trigger behind this was that for so long I have been talking about getting fit, yet there I was eating chocolate and lazing in front of the TV. It was depressing to say the very least, and I am nothing if not easily depressed. Whilst feeling disappointed with my pudgy belly and complete contrast to how I used to be, I realised that the only difference between then and now was how much I exercised – and that was all it took to force me off the couch.

One day, one day, I will have those stunning legs back, and I hope that I will be slender and toned, and bursting with the kind of energy that only being truly fit can give you.

The path my run in Leamington spa took

The path I ran!

So, there is the path I ran. And walked, if I am honest. With my fitness levels, it was more walking than running, but there was still a decent amount of heart-pounding breath-taking jogging! I essentially ran along the canal in fits and starts, then up through the footpaths along the river bank, where I admit I walked! Then a stroll through the park, and back home! In total it was 3.42 miles, which is a good amount even if I walked the whole thing! In total yesterday I covered about 6 miles – good going!

And so, without further ado, so begins my getting fit. Swimming, running, and callanetics. And eating healthier, which means chopping out the ice pops and the chocolate bars… and tracking my attempts over at my getting healthy blog!

Wish me luck!



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