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What I like about me… August 17, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Depression, Inspiration, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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On the advice of the beautiful Sharon from Queen In Heels, I am taking a break from the maudlin ponderings of my life to think about what I like about myself. Because, well, there must be some things, and one of the main annoying characteristics of feeling sad is that you tend to forget them!

So, what do I like? Apparently I have to list 10 things…

1. My sense of humour. It is remarkably silly, and fluctuates between making the most immature jokes known to man, and actually being quite witty. It makes me laugh, enough so that I don’t actually care what other people think of it!

2. My bum! I have always like my derrière, it fills out trousers and can give a sexy pencil skirts a run for their money. Essentially it is eminently grabbable, and it is the one piece of me I wouldn’t ever change!

3. My brain. My brain  is one part of me that rarely lets me down. With the exception of the fact that it can’t get its chemical balance right, and consequently can’t deal with normal life stresses, it is pretty damn good. It gives me room for facts and figures, politics, useless knowledge, and shoes. I love that it can fit everything I need in, apart from names, which it clearly deems unimportant…

4. My eyes. They are a dark grey blue colour, and I really like them. I have received complements on them in the past, and I generally feel that they are just different enough to the crowd to make them worthy of praise.

5. My confidence. This is a reasonably new addition to my personality, but nowadays I am actually quite confident. I can laugh, joke and hold quality conversation with total strangers, and I have the balls to network in a room full of people I don’t know. Knowing that I can hold my own in life is a great feeling!

6. My attitude. I am very liberal, very left wing, and very accepting of others. To me this is something to be proud of, although with right wing repressive conservatives I may not be very popular…

7. My shoes. OK, so they aren’t technically me, but they are a representation of my personality and my confidence. I own a pair of shoes for every mood, and I think they are pretty enough to be proud of!

8. My talents. I used to think I had no talents – other people were there with their blinding abilities, whilst I just pottered along. However, I have realised that I do have talents – I can write really well, I can paint, I can draw, I can take photographs. I do have abilities!

9. My arms. Once upon a time I would have preferred my legs (see photo below for why! Oh, how I miss those days!), but they aren’t as good now. My arms, however, generally don’t go pudgy and saggy, thanks to muscle memory from the days when I exercised lots! Woop!

10. My craziness. It makes people uncomfortable and awkward, but the fact that I am a little bit bonkers has always been something I like about myself. After all, there is no bullshit – I am who I am, and I never bother to pretend otherwise. So there!

Well, this post took a long time to write – I got stuck at about 6! But I thought of 10, in the end, and that has made me feel a bit better! Woo! I thoroughly recommend this to anyone – give yourself some love!



1. Becky - August 17, 2010

Good to hear you sounding positive, but, you don’t like your legs?? I’ll have ’em!!! xxx

2. Sharon - August 17, 2010

See, you are wonderful and beautiful.

I love the list. It looks alot like one I would write. Every last one of those are great choices and great reasons why.

Now put this list on the bathroom mirror so when you look in it every morning (before you tell yourself “I love you”) you will know exactly why you are about to say those words.

And your legs look just fine.


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