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New Shoes from Rubber Sole… Crocs! August 18, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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I feel quite dirty writing this. I really do. However, I was contacted by online shoe store Rubber Sole to see if I would be interested in becoming a shoe reviewer for them. Obviously I said yes (just mention shoes and my eyes glaze over in excitement, let alone when they are free!), and with my £30 voucher in hand I set of to see what to choose first.

For most of the day I planned to buy some Iron Fist beauties, graphic horror inspired heels with plenty of attitude. In fact, I have been wanting these for ages, and the option to get them for essentially just £9 was very tempting indeed. However, then it crossed my mind that as I was reviewing, maybe I ought to get something different to the norm to challenge my perceptions. So, I set off to get some practical shoes, which is how I ended up ordering a pair of Crocs.

Yes. Crocs. I know. That brand name is as close as you can come to a dirty word in the shoe industry, thanks to their famous and utterly ugly holed sandals. However, the ones I picked were sensible little slip on Sandals, the Alice model, and they neatly ticked the boxes in my “needed shoe list” for jelly-style waterproof shoes, and sensible flats. With more than a hint of trepidation, I clicked the Order button, and awaited their delivery.

crocs alice sandal rubber sole

Rubber Sole’s delivery was fast, so having ordered on Friday with free delivery, the shoes turned up on Monday. On unpacking them I was surprised to find that they weren’t actually ugly at all. Sure, they aren’t smart, or super-fashionable, but they are sleek and surprisingly elegant. However, it wasn’t until I slipped them on my feet that I became a convert…

They come up a little small, so my toes almost touch the end, but even with this slight limitation these shoes were comfy. Incredibly so. I actually felt, as I strutted around the office, like my shoes were actually doing something positive for my feet. And with as many high heels as I own, that is a rarity! In fact, they have quickly become my go to shoes for nipping to the shops, and I am looking forward to being able to wear them on the beach whilst on holiday. I keep recommending them to people, and although recommending Crocs goes against my very nature, they are definitely good enough to warrant it!

I may not like the Crocs brand in general – but the Alice sandals have been a bit of a seminal life experience! And to think, if Rubber Sole hadn’t tempted me I would never have owned them.

[Disclaimer: Rubber Sole provided me with a £30 voucher for the shoes of my choice. This was in exchange for a review, which I have conducted honestly and without influence. It just so happened I loved the shoes, even though I felt I shouldn’t!]



1. sparrowrags - August 18, 2010

that’s awesome. My nannie (grandmother) loves crocs. hers are the ugly kind though. Hey this is Abby again from the pub a couple weeks ago. I started up my blog- so you should check it out and critique (please do critique). sparrowrags.wordpress.com

2. Alysa - August 18, 2010

He he – love the disclaimer! I can see why you were attracted to the Iron Fist ones, but I have to admit I like the shape of these crocs and I’m glad you like them so much. Is it ironic that liking them makes you feel dirty when one of their original functions was to be hygenic and washable for surgeons in theatre?! Or is that just the geek in me…?

3. Roisin - August 18, 2010

These are pretty cute! I don’t so much have a problem with Crocs as a company as I do with the really ugly sandals you were referring to. These do look cute though – I love the colour and can see how they could look good with a variety of outfits.

Roisin + crocs = next thing I’ll be approving of harem pants and hell will be freezing over.

4. Zoefruitcake - August 18, 2010

l love crocs- there, I said it! But then I’ve always been one for comfort over fashion. I might wear the more conventional crocs at home, but I always go for their Olivia ones for work (sling backs) or or Mary Janes for casual

5. kateohkatie - August 19, 2010

So cool! I also love that almost the same thing happened to us at the same time (shoe voucher + unexpected purchase + love) 😀

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