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Go Ink Yourself August 23, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Advice, Fashion, Graphic Design, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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As I tend to when I get a new topic in my head, I have spent most of this week thinking about tattoos. I have had to rethink my opinions on some people’s tattoos and replace a certain sense of fear with one of respect over the design and the workmanship. It may not be to my personal tastes, but who gives a s**t?!

My thinking about tattoos has led to me spending many hours browsing through pages and pages of some of the most beautiful tattoos in the world. Many are horrible, yet brilliantly done, whilst others are purely beautiful. The range of styles (I tend to lean towards eastern inspired images, natural subjects, tribal patterns and solid black work) is incredibly, and you would never believe how many different ideas there are out there. I have become a little obsessed!

3d stone seal tattoo

3D stone seal tattoo

One of the cool ones I came across on the website was this amazing stone tattoo. It is incredible, and although I would never have a tattoo like that it has to be respected for the artistry! The 3D effect in particular is worth mentioning – it reminds me of Edgar Mueller’s stunning pavement art!

beautiful womans face tattoo

Stunning Portrait Tattoo

In a totally different style is this portrait. Whilst usually I am not a fan of colour in tattoos, this one made it look like a water colour. The combination of Japanese and Art Nouveau styling is also beautiful, and I actually find myself wanting a tattoo like it! So stunning!

full back tattoo

Amazing Gothic Tattoo

More astonishing than anything else I found, however, was this full back tattoo. Now, I would never have anything like this. However, ignore the overall tattoo and look at the detail. There is depth, texture. Creatures clamber from the base of his back, whilst muscled beasts strain against the stone wall above. Centrally, a terrifying figure enters the room. All this, in ink, on someones back. Wow. Loving the bum crack though!

There were, of course, many other tattoos that were stunning. Gentle maple trees. Stunningly realistic roses (not my favourite subject matter though). Deep black patterns and shapes. Confusing visual illusions. I am a total tattoo convert!

Now, of course, I have to decide where to have mine. It seems I won’t be able to have it on my hairline on my neck as previously planned, so I have to think of somewhere else. Somewhere only I and particular chosen people can see it, which isn’t cheap or tacky.

The tattoo itself is a stylised art deco treble clef, designed by Tom at my work. Check out his portfolio, it is pretty cool! Alongside show casing the really stylised art style that I love, this is also meant to represent my love of music, and more importantly the significance that music has had in my life. It has saved my life, many times over!

My tattoo

My future tattoo

Where do you think I should have it? Serious suggestions only please! Now I am not having it on my neck I am willing to have it a little larger than the 50p piece it was originally going to fit on, so the possibilities are varied!



1. Carys - August 23, 2010

Two no-no’s – the bottom of your back or your ankle. Tacky tacky tacky! Also, anywhere boob related – cheap.

What about the side of your hip? As in where the side of your pants/knickers sit. It’s not your front hipbone (cliche, but also where mine is!) and it’s not somewhere that’s obvious for a tattoo.

Lauren Cooke - August 23, 2010

Mm, interesting idea. I had thought about that area – how about just below that, top of the thigh but not covered by my underwear? What do you think?

Carys - August 23, 2010

Sort of below your knickerline you mean? That would be different, and it’s not a design that goes around your leg either – because I always think that looks a bit rough!

Maybe get a transfer of something that’s the size of the tattoo you’re going to have, and try them on the places you’re thinking of – it will give you at least an idea before any permanent inking takes place! I’m sure Claire’s Accessories must do transfers, even in this day and age….

2. Elementalgrace - August 23, 2010

I just wrote a blog on this … jinx.

I’m considering a daisy on the inside of my wrist and a flower design on my foot

3. Selina - August 25, 2010

14 Year Old Daughter wants a tattoo similar to your one (great minds think alike, obviously) on the inside of her wrist/lower forearm. Obviously it will be some time before she can get it done (in NZ you have to be 18 to get a tattoo without parental permission, and I can’t really imagine giving her permission before then simply because she wouldn’t be allowed to have a visible tattoo while still at high school). Anyway she did a rough representation of it – possibly using my makeup – the other day and it did look really good. It’s one of the more sensitive places to get a tattoo done though, and this is the girl who is still reluctant to get her ears pierced because she doesn’t like pain!

For myself, I have asked a graphic designer friend of mine to mock up a tattoo of a spiral galaxy for me which I’m thinking about getting on one of my shoulders to represent my love of science fiction. Except I’m not so good with pain either!!!

4. kateohkatie - August 28, 2010

!!!Tattoos are addictive – let this be your warning 😀

OK I’m just throwing this out there – not really a serious suggestion – but I’ve always thought it would be super cool (since I’m a bit of a Harry Potter nerd :-P) to have a treble clef on the left forearm, like the Dark Mark. That’s in my bank of “wouldn’t that be cool? but I’d never do it.” ideas 😀

Wrist/forearm tattoos are really popular right now, though – but their current popularity had nothing to do with my choice to get both of mine there. I do like the placement, though, because they’re really easy to SHOW OFF! or to hide – it’s all about wearing long sleeves 😀 Not many other locations are *so* easy to alternate prominence and subtlety.

5. kateohkatie - August 28, 2010

Holy crap I’m grinn-y today. Gah.

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