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Snacking on Maltesers… September 11, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Family, Life, Chatter & Politics, Photos.
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Sorry, sorry, I have been in Malta for the week and have been dying to make a joke about Maltesers. I think, as far as I recall, I managed to avoid that particular pitfall. Let me check… yup, I still have all of my limbs, so it seems that I probably didn’t say it and thus didn’t really piss off the locals!

 Anyway, the week was just what the doctors ordered, a complete suspension from reality. With the exception of a few family spats (we have always been a family that have spats, I have never understood those lovely calm families who float along without bickering! Then again, maybe I am just obtuse!), it was an oh-so-relaxing week, with plenty of exploring, eating and even a bit of gym going. The swimming has even inspired me to buy a proper suit and goggles and get my poor, flaccid body back into rigorous training again.

Malta itself is wonderful. The weather (from sky-splitting thunderstorms with blazing lightning, to hot sun, to blistering gales), the friendly people, the fact that English is one of the official languages – and even the fact that as you drive around you still see the occasional red post box or fire engine telephone box! It pretty much ticks all of my boxes for somewhere I could actually see myself living, which is quite rare – usually I am a fussy pot who loves places for holidays and adventures, but who wouldn’t even think of wanting to live there! It is a little short of lizards (I lurve lizards, I do!) and animal life, but I am sure I can ignore that!

Maltese harbour

Colourful boats in a Maltese harbour

Anyway, now I am back and refreshed, and have spent today shopping and finding various bargains. Including a leather mini-skirt, ooh-eh?! What a week – back to the bump and grind of working life soon, and I am far too chirpy and looking forward to it far too much!



1. Sharon - September 12, 2010

I need a vacation 😦

Glad you were able to get away and able to get your “get-up-and-go” back. Sometimes time away is all it takes.
I am not really sure if those nonbickering families exist. Bickering is just another way we show our love for each other. HAHA

Welcome back.

2. Louise - September 12, 2010

Lucky you, it sounds tremendous. I could certainly do with some sun sea and swimming right now!

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