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What a weekend! September 20, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.

By god, I needed a weekend like this. A weekend involving sheer drunken abandon, heels I can’t walk in, and lots of irresponsible behaviour. Essentially I have been desperately requiring my first single night actually out on the town, and this Friday’s work leaving do was the ideal opportunity.

So, we started the evening at the Castle Balti in Warwick, which is a very delicious Indian restaurant that no doubt wished we weren’t anywhere near as loud and excitable as we were. Having tucked into a perhaps overly creamy Chicken Tikka Pasanda, and gossiped with all of my lovely colleagues, a very few of us traipsed into Leamington to continue the evening. Unsurprisingly, me and the other girl going out were the drunkest of the bunch, and when she left I proceeded to just carry on drinking and dancing. I was having incredible trouble with my very high and very spindly heels, which explains why I ended up outside clinging to the arm of one of the group. This transitioned into a quick kiss, which whilst undoubtedly thoroughly drunk, was just what my soul needed.

Anyway, the night was followed by a morning of hungoverness, lying around on the sofa moaning and whining. Then my parents and sister came round to stay over whilst dropping her off for her first day at uni on the Sunday. I am soo incredibly jealous of her and the fact that she is going to be enjoying the utter brilliance of Fresher’s Week. Still, I got to spend Sunday reading the brilliant book that is World War Z in the pub, so all is not lost!


1. InTheseHeels - September 20, 2010

Sounds like a great weekend!! Hope you didnt get too many blisters in the heels, and yay for a quick kiss, they always make you feel smiley again.

And Mmmmmmh I havent had chicken pasanda in forever!! Nom.

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