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Film Review | Resident Evil: Aftermath (3D)! September 24, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Media, TV & Film.
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You know I love zombie films. I just do. I couldn’t tell you why, but I m a massive Romero fan, and can list of a myriad of facts about zombies, zombie hunting, and different zombies theories. Not a typical obsession for a girl, especially one who doesn’t particularly like the dark. Still I can’t deny that there is something about the zombie genre that pulls me in!

Resident Evil Aftermath

Resident Evil is one of the zombie series’ that has never let me down. They are always sleek, sophisticated, and really quite scary. The games are bloody terrifying (I have sat through many hours, let me tell you!), and the films are loyally based on them. For this reason I was really excited about seeing Resident Evil: Aftermath, and even more so once I realised it would be shown in 3D. Horror, it seems to me, is the ideal medium for jumpy 3D images, and I wasn’t disappointed.

You see, I loved this film. Everything felt much more real thanks to the 3D imaging, and I hold my hands up to jumping a few times. They were even more loyal to the game than normal too, down to the creepy axe/mallet wielding boss and the creepy-ass dogs. Even Wesker was as wildly annoying and hard to kill as he should be.

Despite a slightly silly start (the scene setting was done too fast in my mind – I would have liked a little more time to be spent in the Umbrella facility in Tokyo, for technological marvels if nothing else!), this was awesome. Just the right mix of action, survival, challenges and, of course, zombies. It was brilliant, and I came out exhilarated and wanting to watch all the Resident Evil films again.

A big thumbs up from me!



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