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Because the Apocalypse Doesn’t Have to be Lonely! October 8, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Social Media, Wordy Business.
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Marketing can be a clever business. OK, so a lot of it seems to be the same boring old sales messages and the same dull adverts for toilet paper, all of which much for some reason must feature a cute cuddly animal. I can online assume this is because marketers know that people really wish to wipe their bottoms with koalas. Of course.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that sometimes there some a promotion or a guerilla marketing campaign that makes me smile, and which completely bowls me over. This is one such example…

Let me introduce ZombieHarmony – Because the Apocalypse Doesn’t Have to be Lonely!

Zombie Harmony

This is a fabulous site, created by the people behind the Mingle2 free online dating site. It is as it says – a dating site for Zombies. So, who will tickle your fancy? Will it be Lonely Bill, a zombie with “one eye, half a torso, and a whole lot of heart?”, or perhaps HungryBarbara, who loves hanging out in dimly lit stairwells?

Marketing Genius, I tell ye!



1. sparrowrags - October 12, 2010

will you be my zombie love?

Lauren Cooke - October 13, 2010

why hell yes!

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