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Little Miss Mopey October 31, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Music.

I used to be told off because I enjoy sad songs. For a while I used to feel bad. Maybe listening to tunes that were deep and hurtful meant that I was a damaged person. Maybe it meant that I had lost my happiness. Maybe it said something disappointing about the me that I was inside.

Recently, however, I have realised that it is important to embrace the darker side of yourself. It is important to be happy with the fact that you can admit your sadness. That you can hear a beautiful piece of music and feel it inside, right down to the very core of you. You can feel to a level that some people only dream of, and you should never be ashamed of that. I have sat, with iTunes winding its way through the deepest, darkest and most beautiful pieces of music that I have ever known, and I am completely aware that they only make me stronger. Their soft, soulful poetry expresses a beauty in the world that I can normally only dream of, as this is one of the best skills to ever have. I can’t explain the things I think and the things I feel, but these artists can, through their chords, elongated notes and carefully crafted words. They see inside of me.



1. FatChan - October 31, 2010

A sad song doesn’t have to make you sad, if it can just simply make you feel then that is its purpose. If you enjoy it, you enjoy it… don’t let anyone stop you from doing the things your enjoy or belittle their significance (unless you enjoy insane, heinous acts of criminality… perhaps then you will need to be stopped… probably in an awesome shoot-out) x

2. SmallThoughts - November 2, 2010

I agree, to be honest, some of the songs that I love most are what people would refer to as ‘music to slit your wrists by’, but some of my favourites will almost move me to tears.
At least I’m not the only one!

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