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We all fall down November 8, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Rants.
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I have developed a problem recently. It has actually been a problem that has haunted me throughout my entire life, as a clumsy individual with very little in the way of spacial awareness. I have stumbled, wobbled and bumped my way through my many years, with many a bruise and graze as evidence of my physical incompetence. Now, however, the problem has got worse, as my ankles have become really really weak.

wearing heels effect

OK, so it may have something to do with wearing heels. And perhaps on nights out I should really invest in a pair of fold up flats to go in my handbags. However, before I always used to be able to walk places in heels, and now I go tumble at the merest mention of a bump in the pavement. The tiniest imperfection can set my poor ankles a-wobbling, and before I know it I am down on the floor.

This started happening when I was drunk. I became that irritating person who spends a lot of the journey home pulling herself out of ditches, drains and back up onto the pavement. I assumed that maybe I was drunker than I had thought, only one stage off paralytic. I couldn’t work out how it happened. Don’t get me wrong, I was genuinely pissed – but falling down like that is, to me, only one stage off falling unconscious!

Then I started falling in the real world, the sober world. The other day, when heading to Wetherspoons in the salubrious area of Solihull, I face planted myself neatly on the tarmac, splitting my lovely vintage dress in the process. This wasn’t just a wobble – I fully went down, and only a familiarity with the act of falling saved my for certain injury! That same day, I nearly fell 3 other times when my ankle just flopped neatly outwards, without the faintest provocation. Since then, although it doesn’t hurt, I have nearly gone face first in the dirt a number of times, most commonly when completely sober AND wearing flats. How can this be?!

Any suggestions people? How can I strengthen my ankles?

So, if you see me stumbling around town – don’t assume I’m drunk,just assume I’m incompetent!



1. Caroline - November 8, 2010

Oh dear – this is the story of my life. In fact, I fall down far more frequently when sober than after a glass of vino, most often in packed streets…

Umm, sadly no suggestions – otherwise I’d fall down less frequently myself! 😀

2. Louise - November 8, 2010

Oh dear. You’re quite tall like me and I think our leg joints are weak because of it, with me it’s my knees which thankfully means I don’t fall over so much. My suggestion would be to find someone who doesn’t fall over and hold on tight!

3. PrincessVintage - November 9, 2010

Hi, I have the exact same problem after badly spraining my ankle, I can now roll it on the slightest bump (and am infact sitting with my ankle elevated after a record five sprains in four days.)

Once the swelling has gone down I will begin this;


When I keep these up I can wear heels without a problem.

hope it helps.

4. Fi - November 9, 2010

It could be to do with height. I hae always been tall and had weak ankles long before I started wearing heels – we’re talking the age of 8 or 9 here. I was forever turning my ankle in the school playground or wherever. It’s not so bad now, I’ve only fallen twice in recent year and both times it was in heels on uneven pavements.

5. Carys - November 11, 2010

There’s a particular exercise you can do that should help alot – my ankle was completely *screwed* after I broke the darn thing, and my kickboxing instructor gave me the exercise to help with my stability. Best thing to do is remind me to show you how to do it when I see you next, as describing it may be a tad longwinded!

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