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What I Wore | Knee High Socks and Jumpers November 11, 2010

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What I Wore | Knee High Socks and Jumpers

Getting Warm

You can tell it is properly miserable and wet at the moment. This morning I snuggled up under the covers for as long as physically possible, before dragging myself out into the wet and windy weather much to my brain’s chagrin! Anyway, these are some of the first photos recently that have made me realise how much weight I have put on. It is quite remarkable! I don’t mind that much, but I miss being fit, having that energy that comes with being slim, in shape and toned. Still, I liked the outfit – it was part smart, part warm, and part utterly comfortable!

Tomorrow evening I have a hypnosis consultation – we are going to hopefully start doing some sessions, all of which will deal with the same thing – my lack of will power. That same bit of me that refuses to stop biting my nails/fingers even when I know I could, which doesn’t eat healthily just because it can’t be bothered, and which makes it so hard to get off the sofa and exercise. You never know, soon enough I may be toned and fit, with clear skin and beautiful undamaged girly nails!

Wish me luck!

Dress: Slip from a Lypsy dress
Jumper: Vintage
Xmas style socks: Vintage
Waistcoat: Warehouse


1. Louise - November 11, 2010

You may say that you have put weight on, but you still look lovely and slim and can I say, very sexy!! Not in a weird way you understand! 🙂

2. Esz - November 12, 2010

Cute outfit! You look so pretty 😀 That vest accentuates your waist really nicely!

3. Tom - December 16, 2010

Verty Cute outfit!

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