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A Wonderful Life November 21, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Depression, Family, Inspiration, Life, Chatter & Politics.

2010 has, to put it bluntly, been a bit of a bitch. It has seen breakups, and fights, and hurt. It has seen broken hearts, depression, and mind-blowing loneliness. However,  weekends like this are the sort of thing that make it all worthwhile. The sort of time that just makes me realise how absolutely fabulous my life is, and how nothing in the world could make me give it all up!

I began the weekend with a lovely date night on Friday, a night that made me feel sexy and funny and just generally good on so many levels. That was followed by a casual saturday strolling through town, drifting into the charity shops and trying on shoes so coated in glitter that they could easily blind you if you were to look straight at them! After snuggling up in Starbucks with lunch and a brilliantly good book (Enduring Love, by Ian McEwan), I traipsed home, where I snuggled on the sofa to read more, before I was joined by the thoroughly gorgeous Helen for a long over-due catch up.

We chatted, gossiped, and giggled the night away. It has been so long since I have had a proper chat with her, and it was so much fun to be able to enjoy dinner, wine and cocktails in town, all the while knowing that there wasn’t such a thing as too much information, and that neither of us would ever judge the other for our drunken behaviour. I wore my Irregular Choice “No Pace Like Home” shoes, sparkly red beauties that make me feel like Dorothy the moment I put them on. I glittered, spangled, and clicked my heels throughout town, making friends and losing at American Pool against 10 lads on the way. Well, not losing actually, I certainly thrashed a few – but I didn’t win!

Today, remarkably hangover free, I enjoyed a long lazy Sunday lunch with the people who have, between them, been the reason that Leamington is so much my home. I couldn’t imagine this town without them – without the conversation, the hugs, the fun and the friendship. I honestly love them so much, I couldn’t dream of living in this town were they not there with me. Knowing that we have so many plans to meet up and enjoy life together makes me feel like I really belong, and like I would be missed were I no longer around!

Finally, tonight I head into Birmingham with the lovely Sarah, to watch one of my favourite bands, Jimmy Eat World. I am practically bouncing around with excitement, and cannot wait to see those beautiful songs being performed on the stage under the hot bright lights.

In short, what a wonderful life I have. What a heady, delicious, hilarious life.



1. Helen - November 21, 2010

LOVE you hun! LOVED last night. I had a hangover for the both of us!
I absolutely agree with you was so good to know that there isn’t such a thing as too much info with you and that we can be free, funny and foxy girls together on a night out! Must do it again before xmas x x x x

2. squeezegutalley - November 21, 2010

Aaw! It was great to see you today, I hope you have lots of fun at the gig tonight. See you soon x

3. Roisin - November 21, 2010

What both of them said – it was really lovely to see you today, and I’m really looking forward to Tuesday evening AND Wednesday evening (and all of our other food-related plans!!)

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