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Dressember Day 7: Ice Laden December 7, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dressember, Fashion, Photos, What I Wore.
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Dressember Day 7 Orange & Blue

Day 7

I loved today’s outfit – what would be a party dress, combined with a blue jumper and stockings. It was a lovely opportunity to break out my suspender belt, and try out these knit vintage stockings. There is nothing that makes me feel as sexy as stockings and suspenders, and the stockings were warm too. An added bonus!

As for the weather, well that was anything other than warm. The drive to work was like something out of the most clichéd of Christmas cards. Every branch hung heavy with  thick ice crystals, and  birds movements in the branches above would dislodge a glittering tumble of ice gems  to dust the car like sugar on a cupcake. The air was pale and misty too, and the overall effect wasn’t far from being trapped in a glowing bubble of whiteness, blocking your vision every way you turned.

Leaf encrusted in ice crystals

Icy Leaves

Icy Fields

Icy Fields

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1. Louise - December 7, 2010

Cool idea to ‘warm up’ a party frock for this weather.

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