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Dressember Day 15: Feeling Sexier! December 15, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dressember, Fashion, What I Wore.
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Dressember Day 14: Feeling Sexier!

Day 14

OK,  so my promise to look great yesterday didn’t so much pan out. I have obviously been in a bit of a hormonal mood the past few days, coupled with complete exhaustion! All of which meant that yesterday morning I turned the alarm off in my sleep, waking up at 5 minutes past 9. I start work at 9, so ensued a mad few minutes of throwing on whatever dress was nearby and zooming into work!

Today, however, was much better. Despite the fact that I left the house about half 6 and got back at 7 tonight, I set enough alarms to drag me out of bed. I then put makeup on, dressed smartly, and enjoyed 9 hours in the car travelling down to Cornwall and back. The meeting went well, but I don’t have time to cook up the sort of culinary wonder I made yesterday (Pasta in a white wine and salmon sauce, for those of you who care!) – instead, I will eat a boost bar and hopefully enjoy things at the lovely Sew Make Believe Christmas party tonight!

Anyway, onto the outfit. I felt to Christmassy all day. Wearing purple was enough, but the sparkles in the tights and the pretty heels made the look complete. I was really happy with it! Oh, and in honour of jumping for december, the best photo I could get – just headless!

Jumping For Dressember

Jumping For Dressember!

Sponsor Me For Dressember



1. Pauline - December 15, 2010

I really like the total look your created , has a very vintage feel to it yet looks modern at the same time.I like the cleaver combination of colour and pattern.

2. Carys - December 15, 2010

I did mean to ask after commenting on them – but where are the tights from? I wanty!

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