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Dressember Days 17 & 18 December 18, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dressember, What I Wore.
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Dressember Day 17 What I Wore

Day 17

I wear pretty much no makeup nowadays, but hey. Anyway, my Warehouse black dress and tasteless gold embellished mohair jumper were the choice of the day, taking me from work through to the pub in the evening. I was saying goodbye to Row, who is moving back to Oz on Monday after over 3 years in the UK. She’s a wonderful girl, not to mention easily fitter than pretty much everyone else I know (She completely Iron Man, for chrissakes!). hopefully if I travel next year I will be able to stop in and see her.

I also had a great time, as the conversation in the pub neatly managed to cover politics, feminism, organised religious, paganism, culture, particle physics, nanotechnology and space. Pretty awesome, eh, not to mention testing for the ol’ brain matter!

Dressember Day 18 What I Wore

Day 18

Today we were accosted by snow, and in fact it kept snowing all day until late afternoon! The priority was warmth, which meant that the boots were out again! I was toasty all day, and had a wonderful time treating myself to a delicious fish & chip meal and mulled wine in the pub. I also did my bit for the world, feeding the ducks on the canal. The greedy beggars ate an entire loaf of bread, and would have had more if I had the dough (see what I did there?!)!

Snow photos to follow tomorrow!


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