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Dressember Days 20 & 21 December 22, 2010

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I can’t work out what happened to my Dressember Day 19 outfit. I had a lovely day going to see Tron: Legacy and then enjoying my solstice dinner, so that seems a pretty good excuse for forgetting to take a photo of the dress I wore. I did wear one though, honest guv! And, just to prove how cold it is, my hair actually froze on the way home, and it was still -11 when I arrived at work on the Monday morning!

Frosty Hair

Frosty Hair!

Anyway, Day 20 of Dressember was a rather boring day, I was dressed for warmth and that was all that mattered for me. After all, we still have the snow, so  wore a slip and a jumper under my jumper dress, and gave it a bit more structure with the waistcoat. I think it worked!

Dressember Day 20 What I Wore

Day 20, Nice and Warm!

Day 21 of Dressember was much more fun. I wanted to be all Christmassy, so I painted my nails sparkly red, put on my Dorothy Shoes, and wore a lovely velvet dress. I pranced and preened around the office all day, so I must have been in a good mood. The evening  was spent in the pub, but unfortunately I realised I had locked myself out of my house, and I had to spend the night at Lysy’s before the letting agents opened in the morning. Not my brightest moment! Consequently I am working from home today, but I am still wearing a dress, and will photograph it later!

red dorothy shoes

Buying my "No Place Like Home" shoes!

Dressember Day 21 What I Wore

Day 21 Feeling Festive

I also painted my nail a sparkly seasonal blue, I am loving having long nails finally!

Sparkly Blue Nail Polish

Sparkly Blue Nail Polish



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