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Dressember Days 25, 26 and 27! A catch up! December 27, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dressember, Family, What I Wore.
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Around Christmas all I want to do is avoid the internet. Despite my dependence on the net year round, Christmas is a time to be with family, and for me that means technologically isolating myself in a sea of wrapping paper, card games and grossly large meals. However, it seemed worth popping online to show you my three missing days of Dressembering!

Dressember Day 25 What I Wore Long Sequined Maxi Dress

Day 25

Christmas day I felt like dressing up, and so out came a dress that I was gifted by the ever lovely Roisin. It fits beautifully (and makes my boobs look humongous, a rare feat indeed!), and I kept the rest of the outfit simple with tights to keep my legs warm. As I didn’t leave the house, I didn’t need any shoes!!

Dressember Day 26 What I Wore Long Black and White Lace Dress Vintage

Day 26

Day 26 was, it seems, a day for posing. Then again, I have seemed to have spent most of this Christmas relatively trollied (my parents poured me Sloe gin in wine glasses, for god’s sake!), and so the acting silly may have something to do with that! I love this dress though, although not as much when I put a jumper under it, which was what I did when I braved the OUTSIDE WORLD for an hour or so. In order to avoid more unsatisfactory outfits, I shall simply have to stay indoors for the rest of winter!

Dressember Day 27 What I Wore Seasonal Vintage Dress
Day 27

And finally, today, when we travelled up to the salubrious parish of Weston-Super-Mare to take the grandmother out for her mini-christmas. She insisted on staying up there rather than coming round for Christmas, so we had to make up for it somehow. After tottering around the icy pavements in my least sensible shoes (well, we were only walking about 10 metres!), I filled up on vast amounts fo food, and now am resigned to the sofa in disgrace over my greed. The perfect end to a Christmassy day! As for the outfit, I was cheery, sparkly, and downright seasonal!



1. Rachel - December 27, 2010

the boxing day dress is beautiful

2. Louise - December 29, 2010

I love all of the frocks. I hope you’ve had a great Christmas & have a fab new year. Xx

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