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Happy New Year! January 2, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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I do have a Dressember conclusion post to write, but for now I thought you guys would prefer a little update about my debauchery and thoroughly enjoyable new years in the Lake District.

I had forgotten how incredibly beautiful the Lakes are. Having driven from the station in the dark, my first glance out of the window in the morning had my jaw on the floor, as mountainous hills towered just meters away from the building, contrasted against the stunning sky. They have amazing skies up there – last night I stared at the Milky Way, something you never see in the tungsten drenched suburbs.

Much as I wish I could claim that I spent that first day marching up and down the fells, the truth of the matter is that I didn’t really leave bed. I lay there with House on the TV, and then Dollhouse on my laptop. It was lazy, but absolutely wonderful. Then came the night, new years eve in a little bar down the road from Dove Cottage, although just down the road definitely involved a hell of a lot of walking down dark lanes. Local means different things to different people!

Anyway, the night was lovely, if a little drunken, and I have to confess that neither Nommi or myself got out of bed until 5 O Clock the next day. There was an awful lot of groaning, complaining and grimaces, as hangovers rocked our world! Still, being that I was woken at 9am by a very excited Nommi who had season 6 of house, we at least managed to get a lot of watching (and dosing) under our belts!

After lots of rather unexpected fun up north, I had to head home today. It was really sad saying goodbye to Nommi, the two of us are both so bonkers, and we really don’t get to see one another enough. Still, hopefully I’ll abuse her hospitality more this year than last! That said, at least I’ll have a chance to recover from the booze before I see her again! And to let her friends recover from my drunken madness…



1. Louise - January 2, 2011

Ooh, I’m looking forward to a weekend in the lakes in March. Sounds wonderful. Happy new year x

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