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The First Of Many To-Do Lists January 16, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Travel.
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Round The World Trip Organisation…

  1. Set up a “Planning my RTW Trip” blog. Tumblr is probably a good place to start. RTW In 90 Days – All set up!
  2. Book plane tickets. Waiting for people to get back to you with quotes is boring – keep hassling them, and haggle haggle haggle.
  3. Make sure I save money. I HAVE to be tight, but I also don’t want 6mths of misery prior to leaving!
  4. Develop a lot of lists like this – what to pack, where to go, who to contact!
  5. Once flights are booked, book other pre-payable elements – but remember to leave flexibility!
  6. Swot up on my new guidebooks, winging their way to me as we speak.
  7. Read my new “Woman Traveller” books for clever insights and inspiration.

Eeek, here goes!



1. annie - January 18, 2011

visas and passport are a bit of a must do as is insurance.

2. HM - February 5, 2011

Oh yeah, completely agree on the insurance point. If you’re going to the US make sure your coverage is for more than 2 million – medical can get very expensive if anything happens.

On another note, what women traveller books are you reading, I’m curious as I’ve done some travelling but like to know about tips, tricks, etc.


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