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What I Wore | Underwear-As-Outerwear February 3, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Vintage, What I Wore.
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What I wore underwear as outerwear

Is that a nighty?

Just a little outfit shot for you today guys, because for once I was happy with what I wore! Yay! I felt quite sexy, a rarity!



1. Selina - February 3, 2011

Gorgeous! And yes, sexy! Where is the dress/slip from? xx

Lauren Cooke - February 3, 2011

eBay, as always! Was looking out for a dress like this for AGES!

2. Tom French - February 3, 2011

Looking good Lauren! Though I’m not convinced it’s a nightie.. makes a nice dress! 😛 xx

Lauren Cooke - February 3, 2011

Why thank you kind sir!

3. Claire - February 3, 2011

Lovely! And i’ve just read your frugal feb post. May try it.. next month. After the new flat, the hawksmoor belated christmas present I owe the boyfriend, and the TOP IN MY BAG ONLY FEET FROM MY KEYBOARD! *shameful face*


4. Fi - February 4, 2011

Gorgeous colour dress (if it is a dress?). Love how you’ve toned it down with the cardi.

5. anthea - February 4, 2011

Cute dress!

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