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Tattooified! February 5, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Graphic Design, Makeup/Cosmetics, What I Wore.
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My new tattoo of a treble clef art deco style


Sorry about the over-show of thigh guys, but I had to share my new tattoo with you! Isn’t it perty?! It doesn’t even hurt, and although it is apparently like to sting when washed it hasn’t so far – maybe my Wolverine-like powers of healing are proving themselves useful yet again!

As for what it felt like to get a tattoo, well I used a numbing cream and so didn’t even vaguely feel the outline. Once that had worn off and the feeling was coning back, during the filling in section, it did begin to hurt. The feeling it most was like, to draw a comparison, was the feeling of using an epilator, not nice but not really nasty either. Some bits did hurt a lot, but in general it was easily managed. I wouldn’t be that scared of having one again, although I definitely think a numbing cream is worth using as it makes such a difference! Also, when the pain does come it appears slowly, giving your body a chance ot get used to it!



1. Louise - February 5, 2011

It looks fab. I think yours hurt less because of where you had it… I had mine done on my shoulder when I was 18… I passed out when they hit my bone. It’s not putting me off a second one though, I’d like a sailor Jerry type tat next. x

Lauren Cooke - February 5, 2011

hehe! Well I think the reason it didn’t hurt is becasue I cheated with the numbing cream, it was incredibly effective. But yes, the fleshy bit probably helped!

2. Selina - February 6, 2011

Gorgeous! I must show this to 15YO Daughter, it’s pretty much the exact tattoo she wants!

3. Selina - February 6, 2011

Also, I just showed it to Eccentric English Boyfriend – he nodded approvingly! Whether he was nodding at the tattoo or the thigh I didn’t ask! 😛

4. Pauline - February 6, 2011

is this your first one?

Lauren Cooke - February 7, 2011

Yup! My very first!

5. Neil Walker - February 6, 2011

Well done Lauren… You have been talking about getting the note for a while… It looks great.
Be warned though.. one never feels enough!!

Lauren Cooke - February 7, 2011

hehe, I know! Everyone has warned me about the addictiveness!

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