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Ooh, what are you inking next? February 10, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Inspiration.
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I at some point want to write a post updating you on my weekend in London. My mum and I did all sorts of exciting things, and at some point I will get around to filling y’all in.

For now, however, I shall stick with something a little less demanding. Such as, tattoos.

It is true what they say about tattoos, they really are addictive. Even as you are attempting to deny the pain as a needle pushes ink deep into your skin, you are planning what you want to get next. For me this isn’t because my skin is a canvas. I am terrified about having something etched so indelibly on me, I am afraid of growth and change and making mistakes. However, there seems to me no better way to celebrate something important to me than by placing it on my body – and the highly personal nature of this means that I have a tattoo for myself and myself alone. This is why most tattoos will be located on part sof my flesh that are concealed, hidden from public view. I can reveal them if I so choose, but otherwise they are private.

So, with all of the things tumbling around in my brain, what are the types of things that I am considering inking onto my body?

*Please don’t take the following as gospel. They are just ideas and inspiration, them being on the list doesn’t mean that I am about to emblazon them on my forehead or coat my body in their image!

1. The Lorax

I know this will seem silly to many, but The Lorax was, and still is, one of the most important influences in my life. The story taught me about caring for the world around me, seeing the consequences of your actions, and always having hope. For a kids book, this is pretty damn impressive! I think the tattoo would just be a ickle little thing, maybe on the inside of my ankle or wrist.

the lorax

2. Lyrics

I know that lyrics are often thought of as a bad tattoo idea, but the particular words I have in mind are the most important words I have ever heard. They are part of the long that I accredit with keeping my head above water on the darkest of days, and there is nothing more important. They are from Bell X1, “The grass is always greener where it rains”. The only question is, how would I put this on my body in a tasteful way? Along my ribs? With an image, or just text?

3. Velociraptor claw

OK so this is the geekiest option, but I actually really like the idea. Just a teeny tiny solid black raptor claw, reminding me not only of my inner geek, but of childhood and imagination. Much of my youth was spent imagining dinosaur stories and excavating fake dino skeletons in the playground. The shape would be like the claw below:

raptor claw



1. CuppySkully - February 11, 2011

I got a part of a song lyric on my ribs.. it’s more than just a song, it’s what I felt and still feel about that one moment in my life.
And yes, it is addictive. And yes, therefore, I am an addict. 🙂

2. annie - February 25, 2011

Think really hard before having another tatoo. Definitely leave it till you are really used to the one you have. Having said that I absolutely adore the lorax one, still you could just put a picture on your wall.

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